Maternity Leave: It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore!

Whether you’re just nutty enough to have another kid, or you know some crazy cat who wants to have their first, you should check out this excellent feature from about “parental leave.” (Maternity leave is so 20th century.)

Parental Leave, Parental Return
offers real-life stories and tips for “how to stay on track when you take time off to have a child.” It includes a primer on how to take leave (hint: you don’t have to quit), tales from other parents, the cons of taking parental leave (gotta know what to look out for), family-friendly policies/companies info, and a video about your rights.

Good stuff! Thanks to Leslie Leite for sending me the link. As she said to me in her email, “Every new mom and dad should know their rights about FMLA, but the part I like best is the real-life experiences of moms and dads who’ve made parental leave (and going back to work) a success.” Me, too.

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