Million Dollar Momma

Need a gift for your mom? Unless she's some kind of million dollar momma, you don't need to break the bank. Here are some gift ideas she'll actually like.

I love to read the New York Times on Sundays, but sometimes I wonder who, exactly, the newspaper staff is writing for. Certainly people with a heck of a lot more disposable income than I have. Case in point: the story in today’s Style section that features Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

For the new (or nearly new) mom, the Times suggests “Cartier’s new diamond love bracelet with brown toile de moire strap” available for pre-order at just $2,550. Without diamonds and on a leather strap, it’s an even better bargain at $1,300. Excuse me? $2,550 is about a year’s worth of daycare on my budget. Give me that, and I’ll love you forever.

Or, if you want to get something more practical for the mom-to-be, how about a Louis Vuitton diaper bag? That’ll set you back $1,870. Now I consider myself a pretty stylish mom, and I just got a couple of summer bags that can carry my stuff and my daughter’s — we’re talking a Vera Bradley for $44 and a Liz Claiborne for $20 on sale at Macy’s. Probably very declasse as far as the NYC crowd is concerned, but I also could afford to buy groceries this month.

What else does the NY Times recommend this Mom’s Day? For the “Real Life Mom,” you could give a pair of Prada gold aviator sunglasses for $265. Or a pair of pajamas for $95. What real life is she living anyway? Certainly not mine. Or, for the “Earth Mother,” a tee-shirt made of “earth-friendly” bamboo. The price tag on that beauty? $90.

Don’t get me wrong—I like expensive gifts as much as anybody, but when my husband gives me something extravagant, my first thought is, “How much did he (and therefore we) go into debt for this?” For my Mother’s Day, the best gift I could receive is a little time to myself. Maybe a good book I’ve been wanting to read, and a dinner out at someplace nicer than O’Charley’s.

Of course, just having a great husband and beautiful daughter are gifts enough. I wouldn’t know what to do with a Louis Vuitton diaper bag, anyway. I certainly couldn’t take it to the park… Guess I’m not really a million dollar mama, after all.

Need a gift for your mom? Unless she's some kind of million dollar momma, you don't need to break the bank. Here are some gift ideas she'll actually like.

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7 thoughts on “Million Dollar Momma

  1. Selfmademom says:

    I know, I read it and thought the same thing. Just one of those silly NYTimes aspirational pieces. Scary that you know someone out there will get that bag, though!!

  2. Who would spend $1,300 on a tiny leather strap!?! That’s crazy talk.

  3. SofiadeMeloAraujo says:

    Ladies, just a huge note of congratulations all the way from Portugal for a remarkable blogging effort! American Women need to fight for better maternity rights! Good Health To You All, Your Beautiful Families And Friends.

  4. If anyone is hunting for the perfect Mothers Day gift on a real-world budget, check out my post from December about the perfect Christmas gifts for working moms. It still applies, people!

  5. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    Time to myself…that sounds like the PERFECT gift!

    I’m with you. I don’t know any “real” moms who buy $200 plus sunglasses. My toddler wants to rip them off my head and try them on any way so I stick with the cheapy shades. 😉

  6. Justice Fergie says:

    “What real life is she living anyway?”


    That made me laugh out loud. I totally agree. I guess those articles are written so that us “Real Life Moms” (sans the Prada sunglasses) can dream. Give me brunch and a pedicure and I’m a happy camper.

    Could you imagine how you’d feel when the sippy cup of berry juice leaks into your Louis Vuitton diaper bag? I’d just vomit. I swear I would.

  7. justice fergie… Don’t worry about the juice, your nanny will be carrying the real diaper bag. Yours would just be for show. That’s the real moms the article is for. I live in NYC, the land of “push” presents for moms who’ve just delivered (a Cartier watch is appropriate for the private equity set, so I’m told) and $900 strollers as the must-have gift (forget the fact that they don’t fold easily and cost a bomb). I’m a real mom in NYC and three hours to myself on a Saturday and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at the cheap nail place down the street is more like it. Nobody I know has a $2,000 diaper bag or $200 sunglasses (at least non-prescription ones). That said, there are PLENTY of VISIBLE NYC moms who have that stuff. They also have $2 million apartments, full-time and sometimes weekend nannies, and lots of time to themselves to read the Sunday NY Times.

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