Mom and Dad Get a Snow Day

Last weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a nice kids-free weekend away from home. We hit the ski slopes in Snowshoe, West Virginia with our good friends, Joe and Joan. Before the weekend, I was already feeling “the guilt” of leaving Jonah and Zoe with our parents. But, as Jonah reminded me, “Both Nana’s and Grandma’s houses have a ton of toys.” So it was all good in his mind.

Although I missed the little monsters, it was nice to reconnect with my husband and friends. We spent both days on the slopes, and in the evenings we played Boggle and watched the Best of SNL DVDs in front of a warm fire. The only guilt I feel now has to do with the amounts of greasy foods and adult-beverages I inhaled. Ugh, the bathroom scale was not my friend this week.

Maybe, next year we’ll take the kids… Nah.

5 thoughts on “Mom and Dad Get a Snow Day

  1. That sounds like such a good time, Cara! I’m really jealous. I’m slowly coming to the realization that I REALLY need some alone time with my baby’s daddy. Well, I, actually, I’ve known this for a long time, I just have to get over the guilt hump and do it.

  2. It sounds FABULOUS! I am jealous as well, but happy that you were able to get away for some grown-up time!

  3. Totally jealous as well. And parents need weekends away, the kids probably had a blast.

  4. my husband and I took a quick weekend trip this weekend to visit a dying friend. not a place for kids. I STILL felt guilty for leaving my toddlers.


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