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It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to check up on my favorite blogs/sites.

So tonight, with hubby gone on a business trip and baby-girl snoozing soundly, I’ve caught up. Let me share with you a brief roundup of the best stuff I found:

  • Ever thought about saying “see ya” to The Man and going freelance? I know I have. But so far, The Man’s steady paychecks and benefits have kept me from taking the plunge. Check out this Mommy Track’d article/interview to see if you’re better off going solo.
  • I haven’t decided yet who I’ll be supporting in the 2008 election. (I’m still bummed that Bill Clinton can’t run again.) But my interest was piqued by this Silicon Valley Moms Blog post about Hillary Clinton’s Promise. It would be pretty sweet to have WMAGs leading the White House and the House of Representatives!
  • Here’s yet another reason I’m glad my hubby takes care of our daughter Monday through Thursday while I’m at work. She’s getting a developmental boost, according to this Blogging Baby post. She’s also learning to say “Dada,” and not “Mama.” Hmm…
  • What is my official life title (besides WMAG)? How about Slash/Mom? This Job-Mom post presents a new way of looking at the multiple roles of every mom.
  • I’m not the most frugal person, but I can always appreciate a good bargain. Check out the budget-boosting tips in this Clever Parents article and see if they might help your bottom line.
  • Did you ever see that Far Side cartoon with God shaking the contents of a jar labeled “Jerks” onto the Earth? The punchline was “Just to make things interesting.” Nice. Anyhow, this post from the Work-Life Balancing Act talks about a new book that promotes a jerk-free work environment. What a concept!
  • Things were so much easier in ye olden days. My mom just sent me to our church’s preschool, and then I went to kindy-garden at the neighborhood public school when I was 4. I turned out just fine. Now parents are freakin’ out about preschool–especially NYC parents, apparently. Should I start worrying now? Cassie’s not even 10 months old yet.
  • And finally, an article with a quote from yours truly! I’ve become quite the media darling. But seriously, this is a good BabyZone article about balancing babies and old friends. Helpful tips.

Hope you enjoyed my little roundup, and have a low-guilt week!

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  1. Thanks for encouraging the mom world…lord knows we need all the encouragement we can get ;)!

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