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I’m not a Today Show watcher, but I saw some of my fellow mom bloggers Twittering about their appearance this morning on the show. So I clicked on over to Silicon Valley Moms blog and watched the segment.

I thought it was pretty cool that I’ve actually met two of the four bloggers featured (Jill Asher and Kristen Chase)–both excellent representatives of the momosphere, I might add. Dooce and Mir Kamin (whom I’ve read plenty but haven’t met) were also representin’.

Kathie Lee was such a poor choice as the interviewer. Apparently, she doesn’t “do” computers or the Internet, and therefore doesn’t really know what blogs are. But she gave it the old college try–and sucked. Fortunately, her cluelessness made the bloggers look even smarter and sassier, which is just fine.

Update: Mir posted on BlogHer about her assessment of this segment, along with other momosphere reactions (including moi). Intelligent discussion, as always. Too bad Kathie Lee will never read it.

5 thoughts on “Mom Bloggers on Today Show

  1. I used to like Kathie Lee back in the early Regis and Kathie Lee days… but now she just comes across as angry and annoyed from what I’ve seen of her on the Today Show.

  2. Excellent – thanks for the link; I am glad to be able to watch that clip. Agree; Kathie probably wasn’t the best one to be conducting this interview. You’d think they could have found someone who at least USES a computer…. poor Heather (

  3. Southern Mom says:

    I watched the segment and totally agree Kathis Lee was not the best to do the interviewing.

  4. dadshouse says:

    I didn’t “get” blogging until I started doing it. Now that I do it, my friends don’t “get” what I’m doing! I feel bad for Kathie-Lee – blogging is a communal thing, and she is paid to be above community. She’ll never blog, never “get” it.

  5. I can just imagine her stumbling “into your blogosphere” and trying to leave a comment. Thanks for the awesome image in my head. That made my day.

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