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Mom Karma: You’ve Got to Pay it Forward

Today is a Mom Karma kind of day.

This a.m. I took my friend’s two sons to school, and will every Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the school year since she has to take an early-morning class. This afternoon I have late work meetings, so my friend down the street, who gets off work earlier, will pick up my girls from school and care for them until my husband can make it home.

A few months ago I wrote about how important it is to have a network of other moms to help out when work and family needs rub a little too closely.  When fellow moms ask for a hand, I try to say “yes” as much as possible. I consider it Mom Karma. I may never ask that particular friend to return the favor, but I know there will come a time when I’ll need help, and I like to think the Universe will reward  past kindnesses by putting a willing soul in my path.

Because we all know what it’s like to feel panicked about scheduling, to wonder how you’re going to make that unexpected late day work when there’s nobody else at home to care for your children. Those of us who don’t have family nearby suffer the most–we can’t just call Mom or Sister to chauffer or run to the house and pop a pizza in the oven. Sometimes we have to rely on the grace of others, and sometimes we have to ask even when we know the other person would probably rather not be looking after someone else’s child.

That’s why it’s important to offer grace. I’ve learned enough as a working mom to know that you never know when you’ll be scrambling, so I figure I’ll add as much as I can to the Mom Karma bank and hope it pays back when I need it.

Do you believe in Mom Karma? I’d love to hear how other moms pay it forward.

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