Moms Who Rock: Should Families Rock Together?

Just because you become a mom doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good concert every now and then. We're all for moms who rock -- and maybe with the kids, too.

Last Friday night, my husband and I enjoyed a very cool evening out to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. We scored great tickets—on the floor, 11th row, in the dead center. I could hit myself for not bringing a camera. Duh.

The Peppers put on a great show. And while most of the time my eyes were fixed on the more gorgeous than ever Anthony Kiedis (can you believe he’s 45?), I couldn’t help but notice the tweens and teens with their parents sitting around us. One dad sitting next to us was with his 12-year old son.

I went to another concert this year where I noticed the same type of crowd. My sister and I went to see Aerosmith. She got us great seats that were super close. (She took the picture on the right.) Oh, and Motley Crue opened the show and we watched them from the side of the stage! Don’t worry—I remained composed. I am a married mother-of-two you know. But, I digress… While Aerosmith performed, a young teenage girl (maybe 15 years old) sitting in the first row held up a sign that said, “Kiss Me, Steven.” Her mom and dad stood by with the camera ready. Sure enough, Mr. Tyler gave the girl a sweet peck on the cheek.

So what do you think about parents taking kids to rock shows? I think it’s great. In my opinion, I hope I’ll find ways to connect with my kids when they hit the tween and teen years. I want to be “the cool mom.” One of the moms who rock. And I think most moms would agree. Am I wrong?

Other moms may think rock concerts aren’t the place for kids under the age of 18. Loud music and large crowds of drinking, smoking, sometimes crazy fans are bad influences. I respect that. And obviously, I have standards, too. Will I take my 12-year-old son to see Marilyn Manson? No way. Will I take him to see Dave Matthews? Heck yeah.

After the Red Hot Chili Peppers finished and the lights came on, I overheard the dad sitting next to us ask his son, “So, what did you think?” The boy, still staring at the stage with a glazed smile on this face responded, “That was awesome.”

P.S. I remembering going to a Paul McCartney concert with my mom, dad, younger sister, and grandma. He performed at the same venue we went to on Friday. I was 12 years old.

Just because you become a mom doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good concert every now and then. We're all for moms who rock -- and maybe with the kids, too.

6 thoughts on “Moms Who Rock: Should Families Rock Together?

  1. People take kids to sporting events all the time–and the fans there? Wow. Some need to reminded that IT’S JUST A GAME. I think I’ll definitely be taking O to some concerts in his day. Jason and I both love music, and want to pass that onto O. My parents never took me to concerts, even though they were into music themselves. Not sure why… I don’t think there was any fundamental reason. Probably I just didn’t show much interest in anything other than New Kids on the Block and my parents couldn’t stomach taking me to one of their concerts.

  2. My parents took me (and NOT my brother) to see Peter, Paul, and Mary when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. I listened to their 10th anniversary album all the time (it was my mom’s record, but I was the one who wore it out). I’ll never forget that concert. Also, they took me to see the Beach Boys in 1983 (I was 7) before Dennis Wilson, the original drummer, drowned. Later I became somewhat obsessed with the Beach Boys (don’t ask) and had that treasured memory to hang onto. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

  3. I think it’s great! My parents didn’t take me to rock concerts, but they took me to the theater all the time. It was wonderful!! I’ve already taken my daughter to the ballet.

    I have a friend whose daughter just left for college. The whole time her daughter was in high school, she would take the girl and her friends to concerts all over the place. They’d camp out for tickets, she’d be the chauffer, and enjoy the show right along with the kids. I think she even took them to a few shows that were in bars and chaperoned them. I always thought she was supercool and had awesome taste in music.

  4. Modern Mama says:

    You have to take them at the ideal age before they think you are nerdy and hate to be seen with you! I remember that feeling well and dread it happening to me. I must say I was happy when I found out I was having a son. They always love their moms right? Daughters are the ones who butt heads with Mom. I still do!

  5. just4ofus says:

    I think it is great to take your kids to rock concerts. Especially the teenage years. If they are willing to go with you, it is a great way to connect…

  6. You take your kids everywhere else, why not to something that’s fun for all of you. All of our kids have gone to Bengals and Reds games too. My parents never took me to concerts, but they sure let me go to as many as I wanted. I fell in love with them and it was nothing to go to 5 or more a year. I have turned my kids on to my music-classic rock and they hear their dads-heavy metal and we have to hear their teen pop, so it is an experience for all of us. I took my then 10 year old (along with her 24 year old sister) to see Cheryl Crow and John Mayer this past summer for her first concert. We are both Cheryl Crow fans, but I will never be able to hear John Mayer’s “waiting for the world to change” without picturing my daughter standing on the seat next to me (I was on the ground), wearing her Cheryl Crow bandana on her head, we were both swaying and singing and her saying thanks mom, this is so cool. And it was. I can’t wait to do it again.

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