Mom Sabbatical: Day 1

Guess what everybody? I don’t have to go to work today. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I’m still employed. I’m just on what I’m calling a “Mom Sabbatical.” Six weeks off before baby comes, so I can get ready (and enjoy summer). Then 12 weeks of maternity leave. I was so desperately in need of this break (the kind academics get for a whole year, every eight years!), I actually did turn in my notice. But my employer was kind enough to work out a deal that allowed me to take my extended leave without having to officially resign. Pretty awesome, huh?

So today begins day 1 of my Mom Sabbatical. Cassie is going to the sitter’s house. Hubs is going to work. I’m going to … what am I going to do? I have so many plans and thoughts in my head, I hardly know where to start. When was the last time I had such freedom? High school?

I definitely plan to clean — not something I would have prioritized in high school. Our house is such a freakin’ mess, it’s unreal. Between working full-time and being all pregnant, I’ve let just about everything slide. So every room in the house needs a thorough cleaning and organizing. That should take me a while.

There’s also some serious redecorating to do, particularly involving our “new” bedroom, office and baby’s room. Some of the work has been done, but there’s still a lot to do.

I have a huge to-do list that includes things like putting together Cassie’s first three years of life photo album (yikes!) and reading my book club book. Maybe I’ll actually be able to accomplish some of these things, now that I have some time on my hands.

Most importantly, I plan to relax. Maybe get a mani/pedi? Nap? And instead of always having to rush, rush, rush, pushing Cassie to do this and do that so we can get to the sitter’s or get to bed on time, we can go at a more leisurely pace. Hang out in a makeshift blanket tent with Barbie and Mr. Bear, giggling and tickling. When Hubs gets home, I can rustle up some dinner without feeling beat-down from a long day at work. We can eat together as a family and spend the evening hanging out in the backyard or going for a walk.

Of course, once Baby Boy arrives, all this free time will pretty much disappear. But that’s OK — I’ll be ready! The house will be ready! And I can fully enjoy his arrival (when I’m not dying of sleep deprivation) and help our little family adjust to its new size of 4.

I really can’t wait to get started. I just wanted to let you all know what I’m up to. OK, here I go …

9 thoughts on “Mom Sabbatical: Day 1

  1. Wow…soooo jealous! Enjoy it!

  2. Good for you!!

    I've heard in Europe some countries give you maternity leave both before & after your baby is born for this exact reason. pretty nice

  3. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your break!

  4. A Mother's Nature says:

    A very smart and I am sure deserving break. Enjoy and yes, try to relax and get that mani/pedi 🙂

  5. I said this in our email exchange–but that's really awesome! So cool that a company would do that for someone.

    Take care, and have fun!

  6. A Balanced Life says:

    Sounds like you have the perfect plan. I like how you think. Get some things accomplished and still get in some much needed Mommy pampering. Enjoy.

  7. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    That's good for you! Relax and enjoy your little sabbatical.

  8. Robyn - Who's the Boss? says:

    In California, pregnant moms can get 4 wks of paid maternity leave before the baby is born – and yet so few women take it. I never understood it (I took 3 weeks but then my son was a week late, so I was out 4 weeks in advance).

    Good for you to take some time before #2 is born. This time will pass so quickly. I'm so excited for you!

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