Mommy Amnesia

The other night I went to Babies “R” Us to pick out a baby shower gift for my friend who is having her first child. I was looking forward to the trip since it’s always fun to find a gift that you hope will get the biggest “ahhh!” at party. What I found is… I’ve sure forgotten about a lot!

As soon as you walk into BRU you’re bombarded with baby gizmos and gadgets galore. I found myself looking at items and thinking they seemed familiar, possibly something that I had coveted once before, but no longer have in my possession. What that’s for? Did I ever use one of these?

Then there were the pregnant ladies, looking very intense as they carefully scanned bar-codes with their registry zappers. I witnessed one expecting mama go off on a store employee. Something about a stroller she wanted to exchange. I stood there gawking for a moment. Then quickly walked away before she’d rip out my eyeballs. Wow, I thought… Did I ever act like that?

Mommy amnesia.

I know I’ve been there, done that. But, a lot of it I don’t recall. Maybe I’ve suppressed those memories way down deep. With kids ages 4 and 6, my thoughts are elsewhere.

Sometimes I’ll feel like the odd man out if I’m with pregnant women or women with babies. Conversations will turn to labor stories, feeding tactics, or dirty diapers. They’ll ask me about my experiences and I’ll blank out. I don’t remember how much son weighed when he was born. I can’t remember when daughter switched to solid foods. I’m an idiot.

Do you suffer from mommy amnesia at all?

9 thoughts on “Mommy Amnesia

  1. You're not an idiot! B/c that would make me an idiot, and well, I don't like to think I'm an idiot. 🙂

    I;v forgetton stuff, and O is not even three yet! And this was with my friend whose daughter is over 1! She'd ask me about solids or this or that, and I'd be all "uhhhh…" Same with a friend who just had a baby. I blanked when trying to look for a present.

    Maybe we were so sleep deprived during those times our brains just can't remember? Ha.

  2. Overwhelmed Mom says:

    I've totally forgotten stuff. I have a 9 year old & 6 year old, and had another baby last year, and it was like I was a new mother all over again. There was SO MUCH I couldn't remember, and Babies R Us was so overwhelming….I remember hyperventilating and leaving with my gift card unspent because I just couldn't remember what I should be buying!

  3. Funny! I was just thinking this the other day.

    Someone asked what my most treasured/useful baby product/thing was. I wracked my brain thinking that I know there were A TON of things I couldn't live without. I couldn't remember one single thing!!

    My son's only 2 1/2!!

  4. I have a friend who's 10 years older than me, and she has twins who are a few months younger than my youngest. She always asks me stuff like "when did you start solids? what words did she say at this age?" These children are not quite 2 and I can't remember, and I have a total blank when it comes to what I did w/my 5 year old!

  5. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  6. Martina McConnon says:

    I'm so glad you wrote this!!! I am seriously worried how much I DON'T retain, and just like you I can't answer truthfully when asked about the details of my children's births. So, thanks, you're not an idiot, and thank God, neither am I 🙂

  7. i have a 2 year old and am pregnant with my 2nd, and i am worried because i don't remember ANYTHING! what did i do the first time around? i have no idea. 🙂 i feel like i'm going to have to learn everything all over again… hopefully some of it comes back at some point!

    also, knowing that i can't remember anything after 2 short years makes me suspicious of my MIL when she INSISTS that my husband was potty-trained at 18 months. 🙂

  8. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    My Mom always says that baby amnesia is what enables women to get pregnant again! She says if we were able to remember it all, she's not sure some of us would do it again.

    You are totally not alone when it comes to baby amnesia. I feel like I am forgetting things all the time.

  9. Oh, yeah! I also, uh…. hmmm. I had some witty comment, I'm sure, buuuut…………

    I FORGOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now, SMILE and enjoy your day… IF you can remember what you were doing with it!!!!

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