What the World Needs Now

Doing something good for others, especially if it's moms helping moms, can be so uplifting to your own spirit.

I know it’s hard to be a do-gooder when you’re a full-time working mom.

As much as I love volunteering myself to help out every cause that comes along and sounds worthy — such as moms helping moms — I usually end up regretting those commitments that later take me away from my kids or make my long day that much longer.

Working and caring for young kids are about as much as I can handle most days.

But once in a while, you do something nice for someone else, and damn if it doesn’t make a small, positive difference. And as a lovely byproduct of genuine service to others, you get to feel the goosebumpy, skin tingly, lump in your throat feelings of spreading some love, sweet love. Which the world still needs now, as much as it did back in the ’60s when that song was popular.

I experienced those feelings last weekend when I received this thank-you note from the folks at Every Child Succeeds, to whom we had donated gift boxes of Johnson’s Baby products with handmade cards of encouragement for new moms in need:

Dear Working Moms Against Guilt,

We cannot thank you enough for your kind and generous donation to the Every Child Succeeds program. Our moms are thrilled when they open the adorable kit, see the card and see the Johnson’s Baby products. So far, I have observed many yelps, screams and tears.

Our mothers struggle every day so any blessing bestowed upon them truly warms our hearts.

Thanks gain for your kindness and thoughtfulness and for thinking about others.


Anita Brentley, Every Child Succeeds

Don’t overextend yourselves, working moms. But if you stumble upon an opportunity to show a little love to someone in this world, seize it and bask in the glow. You’ll be so glad you did!

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