MomsRising in Today’s New York Times

On Sunday, I hosted a MomsRising/WMAG house party. On Thursday, the New York Times featured MomsRising, including its Motherhood Manifesto house parties. Coincidence?

OK, maybe it was a little bit. But still! I’m so excited that MomsRising was featured in such a prominent news outlet (in the Fashion & Style section—I guess it’s in style to organize for change).

Here’s my favorite part of the article:

A generation of mothers who are largely perceived as postfeminist in every way, from sex to economic discrimination, has begun a consciousness-raising that is almost old-fashioned were it not for the technology involved. Raised to believe that girls could accomplish anything, these women have reached parenthood, only to find they faced many of the same pay, equity and work-family balance issues that were being fought over decades before. From that awakening, they say, has come the inkling of a new movement.

Rock on, MomsRising! Congrats on the great press coverage. I hope it advances the movement toward a more family-friendly America.

2 thoughts on “MomsRising in Today’s New York Times

  1. Selfmademom says:

    Well you’ve given me hope that it’s not that hard to coordinate such activities. Maybe next time. I’m actually kind of annoyed that it was in the Thursday Styles section and listed under “Fashion” when you look it up online. Isn’t there a better place for this? Like the front page!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I only wish it haden’t been published in the fashion section of the paper. I know they sell t-shirs and other things at their store, But there is so much more to Momsrising than that. They do make good Mother’s Day gifts…

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