Happy Mother's Day! A lovely portrait of my children and I.

Mother's Day: Tips for Managing Expectations

Expectations concerning Mother's Day can get out of hand, for many reasons. Check out these tips for managing expectations, and planning a great day.
Happy Mother’s Day! A lovely portrait of my children and I.

Ahhhh… Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in bed, flowers on the kitchen table, perfectly behaved children, a day full of leisure and relaxation…

*Snort.* Yeah, right.

I am now in my third year of motherhood, and in those three years, I’ve developed a few thoughts about our special day.

1. If there is something you would like, or something you want to do on Mother’s Day, tell your family!

Don’t assume your family will know what you would like to do on Mother’s Day! Don’t get me wrong, I would be pleasantly surprised and happy if my family planned an activity on Sunday, but I certainly don’t expect it. If something is truly important to you, speak up! Don’t leave your happiness to chance.

2. Plan something for yourself.

If possible, plan a little something for yourself this Sunday. Maybe it’s a walk with your family, or an hour to soak in the tub with your favorite sugar scrub. See to it that you do something YOU want to do on Mother’s Day.

3. Commercialism and social media have turned Mother’s Day into a “Who can do the most? Who can spend the most? Who can show they’ve received the most?” fest.

Do I think mothers should be acknowledged, and shown appreciation on Mother’s Day? Abso-freakin-lutely. But, appreciation does not need to take the form of lavish gifts or grand gestures.

A leisurely hour to drink my coffee and flip through a magazine on Sunday morning would be more than enough for me this weekend (Family, this is not a hint. This is what I would like. Please, and thank you.).

4. Resist the urge to compare.

Some moms will receive lavish gifts and VIP treatment on Mother’s Day. Photos and posts on social media sites could leave you feeling less than stellar about how your family has honored you on Mother’s Day, so my advice to you is this: steer clear of Facebook and Instagram on Sunday. If you must log on, remember that people only post what they want you to see. Often, we have no idea what goes on behind the doors of others.

5. Remember what your family has done for you throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

It’s in the name: Mother’s DAY. Sunday is just one day. If you find yourself upset about something this weekend, remember all the little things your family does to show their appreciation all year around.

Moms, what’s your take on Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Mother's Day: Tips for Managing Expectations

  1. This is perfect and so needed! Thanks!!

  2. Oh Lawd. So many thoughts and feelings on this subject. So little time.

    Seriously though, I think you are on the right track here, Kristi. I have spent many a Mother’s Day fuming because I’m working my butt off for others, or hurt that I didn’t get the recognition I secretly hoped for, or other missed expectations just making me want to scrap Mother’s Day altogether.

    I have no plans for the day yet, but I will definitely think about what I want and express that to my family. Great suggestion!

  3. I’ve celebrated 5 mother’s days and nearly all of them were disaster. It’s not so much expectations but it’s because we usually eat at a restaurant with my entire family, and that can cause for some stress. You’re dealing with missed naps, stranger anxiety, a bunch of diaper bags… just not relaxing at all. I was joking (or not?) with my husband that I just want to be alone for mother’s day. This year it’ll be more low-key and we’re just getting together at my mom’s house. Honestly I’d just like to have lunch with my husband and kids, and so we’re doing that on Saturday.

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