My Holiday Wish for You

Moms do too much all year long. Come the holidays, we go into overdrive, trying to meet our own even higher-than-usual expectations , always feeling like we’re coming up short.

This Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever holiday you celebrate), I wish for you one simple thing: Do less, enjoy more.

Whatever it takes. Buy a takeout pizza instead of cooking dinner for the fam. Throw gifts in gift bags instead of fastidiously wrapping them with matching bows and tags. Sleep in and let uhubs get the kids their breakfast. Pick up some cookies at the bakery — don’t make them from scratch.

Just give yourself a break! Watch the kids laugh and play as they reacquaint themselves with cousins. Let ’em make a mess with wrapping paper (later you can make them clean it up). If someone offers to take care of the dishes, by all means let them. Soak up the best of the season — whatever that means for you — and leave the rest behind.

Please make your holidays as happy for you as they can possibly be. You deserve it, you hard-working mamas!

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