My Mom Friend

My first official “mom” friend, Amy, is one of the funniest, nicest, most caring, all-around-coolest people in the whole great Nati area world. I say she’s my first official “mom” friend because I met her after I had O (and she had her adorable daughter P.) OK, truth be told, we actually first met while pregnant. We were in the same birthing classes, but we were just in the class together, we didn’t talk one another much. We didn’t really connect until we happened onto the same daycare center three or so months after our kiddies started there. (And c’mon the first letter of their first names fall right after one another in the alphabet… it was kismet!)

Anyway, Amy has started her own blog, Amy in Ohio. I’m glad. Because she’s funny, smart, and people should read what she has to say. And did I mention she’s funny?

Oh, and she’s giving away free gas!

Go to Amy’s. Get gas.

3 thoughts on “My Mom Friend

  1. Amy in Ohio says:

    I hear Tela (& WMAG of course)!!

  2. That was supposed to be I HEART TELA. Oy…

  3. I concur. Amy rocks. We met online, through Tela on Twitter. She is def. a great friend – already having come to my defense when I was being bullied by a nasty blogger.

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