What Do You Give Your Nanny for the Holidays?

Wondering about nanny gifts for the holidays? Check out these 9 fabulous ideas to show her your appreciation.

By Katie Bugbee

You love your nanny. You trust her. Talk to her every day. You might even know all about her personal life – and she knows yours. But now that the holidays are approaching, you’re left wondering about nanny gifts. Is there something special you’re sure she’d love? Something from the kids? Is it a trinket, something substantial – or money?

The reality is — nannies are most often given a holiday bonus. You are more than welcome to give a present from you and the kids, too. But an end-of-year tip or bonus is something this profession has come to depend on.

So before you wrack your brain thinking what gifts to give, start with money (find out how much is standard in your state here). And then use the following ideas as cute additional gifts from you and the kids. Just be sure to include the gift receipt!

  1. Handmade card: Probably the most heartfelt way to really express how much your nanny means to you – is telling her in writing. Ask the kids to say something they love about her, and write from your heart. How does she make your life easier? How grateful are you for her? This is a really great time to let her know how much her hard work means to you.
  2. Gym bag: If she leaves your house and heads right to an exercise class or the gym, update her bag with something cute and sophisticated — something that matches her overall style.
  3. Martini glasses: Whether she’s serving chocolate mousse or chocolatinis, if your nanny loves hosting friends, fun barware and dishware could make her the hostess extraordinaire.
  4. Mani/pedi gift card: Who wouldn’t love a little pampering? Choose a spa local to her – or on her way home from your house. Or, if you know she has a favorite place, arrange something there. She deserves to put her feet up for a bit!
  5. Faux fur gear: Playing outside in the cold with kids is all part of the job. Spruce up her winter wear with a faux fur scarf, mittens or earmuffs.
  6. LL Bean-type tote bag: Whether she travels on the weekends, loves beach excursions, or just needs another tote to place her stuff, a nice sturdy bag will always be appreciated. Get it monogrammed for an extra touch.
  7. Costume jewelry: If she’s always commenting on the costume jewelry you wear to work, buy her something you think she’d love.
  8. Fun PJs: Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring. Get her a pair she’d love to wear all day – and isn’t embarrassed if she does! Try flannel or cotton sets with fun designs (think: cupcakes). More traditional? Go stripes or a bold color.
  9. Lotion and soap package: You can never go wrong with sweet smelling products. While some might view this as a re-gift, you can make it personal by choosing a higher end product in a scent you know she loves. And add bubble bath too!

Katie Bugbee is the senior managing editor and resident parenting expert of Care.com. A busy working mother of two, she’s an expert on many parenting dilemmas, from appeasing picky eaters to finding the perfect babysitter.

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