New Business Idea: Man Cold Recovery Centers

IStock_000008876489XSmallOnce in a while, I come up with a brilliant idea for a business or invention. Problem is, I don’t have the proper resources to bring these brilliant ideas to fruition. But with my latest brainchild, I’m looking for an angel investor to get this thing off the ground. It’s GOLD, Jerry! Gold!

The idea: Open a network of clinics that offer intense, in-patient treatment and recovery for husbands and fathers suffering from a debilitating but all-too-common illness, the Man Cold.

I’m fairly certain you’ve known many men afflicted with the Man Cold, perhaps even your own husband. If you’re scratching your head and asking yourself, “How is a Man Cold different from a regular cold?”, I must refer you to this educational video. You’ll learn that when a man gets a cold, he feels like he is dying. It’s that simple. The congestion, the discomfort, the coughing — it’s all too much and he is one step away from an early grave. He needs immediate intervention, 24-hour care, and as much love and sympathy as possible.

When a woman gets a cold, it’s much milder. Did you know that cold symptoms don’t affect females nearly as severely? We just pack a few extra tissues in our purses, swig a little NyQuil and suck it up. Death isn’t even an option. We have things to do. We certainly don’t require extra care or medical attention.

Because the Man Cold is such a serious condition for men, it’s often beyond our capabilities as caregivers and spouses to treat it adequately. We are already so busy, working, taking care of our children and our homes, volunteering, possibly even treating our own (much milder, of course) colds and illnesses. We don’t have the hours to devote to our husbands, spoonfeeding them chicken noodle soup, throwing away their snotty tissues, sympathetically listening to their unbelievably loud coughs and phlegmy snorts, mopping their fevered brows with a cool cloth — all the while doing our usual duties.

That’s where the Man Cold Treatment and Recovery Centers come in! As soon as your man feels a Man Cold coming on, you simply call 1-800-MAN-COLD and arrange for immediate transport from your home (or even his workplace) to the nearest center. The caring staff at Man Cold Treatment and Recovery Centers would take care of everything, from dispensing cold medications to rubbing Vicks VapoRub on his chest (“just like mom used to do”). Your man would have all his needs met with round-the-clock in-patient care — as long as it takes — until fully recovered and ready to return to normal home life.

In case you were wondering where I came up with this brilliant idea, it came to me around Day 6 of my own husband’s recent bout with a Man Cold. I simply wasn’t able to give him the care he needed as I took care of our 6-month-old son with bronchiolitis and our 3-year-old daughter with a girl cold, and still trying to meet my work deadlines. I was really at the end of my rope. I wished I had somewhere, anywhere to send my ailing husband. Some place far, far away from me. And so, the idea of Man Cold Treatment and Recovery Centers was born.

Know anyone who might have the dough to take this idea and run? Please spread the word. Together, we can make my dream a beautiful reality.

This was originally posted back in February on the now-defunct Ohio Moms Blog.

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