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If you're visiting Working Moms Against Guilt for the first time, start here with some of our favorite resources and links full of inspiration and advice.

Welcome to Working Moms Against Guilt. Whether you’re an experienced mom currently in the workforce, a new working mom expecting your first child and wondering how you’ll handle the whole “working mom thing,” a stay-at-home-mom who’s thinking about going back to work, or just a cool cat who wants to support working moms … we’re glad you’re here.

Along with three of my friends and coworkers, I cofounded this community just a few short months after my first maternity leave. Now, my first child is 9 years old and we added a second child to our family (he’s 6). Since 2006, both my kids and this site have grown significantly.

Because you’re new, let me share some of my favorite resources and links to help you get started.


These Working Moms Against Guilt articles have been some of our most popular with readers in recent months. Lots of working-mom wisdom and practical tips to be gained here.

Start here: Reading

These Working Moms Against Guilt articles have been some of our most popular with readers in recent months. Lots of working-mom wisdom and practical tips to be gained here.

  1. Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: Returning to work after maternity leave is a difficult and emotional challenge. Here are some tips for navigating back into the working world after a baby.
  2. Baby Steps Back to Work: Certified life coach Heather Carpenter Stegal shares her guide for maternity leave and how moms can successfully transition back to work.
  3. Time Management Tips for Working Moms: Find tips on how to manage your time better as a busy working mom.
  4. Clutter: Fantasies and Realities: Did you know that clearing clutter can actually improve your well-being? Check out these 5 clutter-busting tips to help you keep chaos away.
  5. Stereotypical Second Time Mom: What a difference a previous pregnancy makes—the humor and truth of being a second time mom.
  6. Easy Chicken Parmesan: Make this easy chicken parmesan with items you probably already have in your pantry. You’ll love this dish because it looks impressive but it’s super-easy.
  7. Crock Pot Meals for the Working Mom: These tried-and-true crock pot meals please the pickiest eaters and take very little prep time.
  8. One Pan Spicy Sausage Pasta: This spicy sausage pasta recipe combines lots of things my kids like: cheese, pasta, creamy sauce and, of course, smoked sausage. All in one skillet!
  9. Pets and Babies: The Inevitable Priority Shift: Before you become a parent, your pets ARE your babies. But after, pets and babies always bring about a change in loyalties. How do you make room for both?
  10. Excuses, Excuses: A Working Mom’s Case Against the Gym: Before you judge a working mom for claiming she doesn’t have time for the gym, take a look at life from her perspective.


Looking for other working mom blogs or podcasts to check out? Want recommendations on the best books and magazines for working moms? We've rounded up our absolute faves to share with you.

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Looking for other working mom blogs or podcasts to check out? Want recommendations on the best books and magazines for working moms? We’ve rounded up our absolute faves to share with you.

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If you're entering the world of working motherhood, start here with some of our favorite resources and links full of inspiration and advice.

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