New Year’s Resolutions: Working Mom Edition

Looking for inspiration for your new year's resolutions? Check out these totally realistic (and worthwhile) goals and intentions from real working moms.

I have mixed feelings about the whole “new year’s resolutions” thing. Is it a natural opportunity to pause and think about what you really want in your life, and then create plans that turn your dreams into reality? Or is it just a pointless exercise in reflecting on what you keep meaning to do but never seem to get to (and likely won’t in the new year, either)?

(Ah, the eternal battle between my inner cynic and optimist. Will it ever be won?)

Let’s assume my inner optimist has taken over and insists I need to start 2014 off fresh. What should I resolve to do? What changes or aspirations are worth setting my mind to?

I asked my working mom friends for some suggestions. I’ll share them with you here — consider this fodder for your clean slate. And here’s to a happy, guilt-free new year!

Spend less time staring at my phone. (Ironically, I am typing this while staring at my phone.)
—Katrina Alcorn, Working Moms Break

Spend less time on Facebook.

—Liz O’Donnell, Hello Ladies

Stay in touch with my oldest friends who live elsewhere. My resolution is to call/email/Skype at least once a quarter.
—Kakki Reynolds Lewis, About: Working Moms

Remember that we are all connected and that our differences matter less than what we can offer each other.

Pay attention to the moment I’m in so that I don’t miss out on the richness of everyday life.
—Diane Sanford, Living Self-Care

My resolution is to get myself and my family outside more. After a difficult pregnancy and a cold winter so far, we have been inside and sedentary more than we should be!
—Jillian Ritter, The Working Parent’s Survival Guide

Get my kids more involved in the day to day operations of the house.

Cooking, tidying up, laundry, etc. Also, start creating weekly meal plans and STICKING to them!
—Stephanie Totty, Froggy & the Mouse

I want to 1. Use all my PTO this year. 2. Get back on track with healthy choices. 3. Blog more. 4. Fill my freezer with great make-a-head meals for the busy days. 5. Get promoted!
—Terry Brooks, Wheels Up Mama

Create an Etsy account and start selling my yarn and jewelry creations!

If I don’t selling them, I’ve been strictly prohibited from buying more yarn.

Start a yoga routine if nothing else to ease my back pain.

Remember to make time to connect with my loved ones and friends on a more regular basis.

Blog more!
—Jennifer-Dallas Blodgett, Working Moms Against Guilt

Make a concerted effort to worry less about things I can’t control.
—Kristi Blust, “C-” Mama

Run a 5k by May.

—Monica Froese, Redefining Mom

To read more. For someone who writes books, I don’t read enough of them. I also want to be more entrepreneurial. I’ve had a ton of opportunities I haven’t fully followed up on—no more holding back!

Oh! And blog more and stop looking for things to worry about. I need to be comfortable with being content.
Sara Bennett WealerWorking Moms Against Guilt

OK, your turn: What (if any) are your resolutions this year? Post them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Working Mom Edition

  1. Ok, I was freakin too busy to contribute to this great post. So my resolution is to not be too busy to contribute to great posts in 2014! Happy New Year all you awesome working mommies!!

  2. What a great list! Thanks for this post, Susan. I think I’m going to borrow Stephanie’s resolution and start putting my kids to work. Hello 2014!

  3. I have the same struggle between optimism and the memory of past, failed resolutions. But when I’m in such good company in this blog post, optimism has to win!

  4. Thanks for your post. I thrive on anxiety-filled “what if” scenarios and can honestly go down a rabbit hole of seriously unfortunate events. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and I somehow feel that if I expect – and prepare for – the worst, then I won’t be disappointed. But I realize that I waste away such precious time worrying about things that will never come to fruition. Therefore, I’m willing myself to trust in God’s plan and not worry about things I absolutely cannot control.

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