One More Kiss


The morning routine is tough. That was true for me even before I had children. Dragging myself out of bed, getting ready and out of the door on time was not always easy. Add two young children to the mix and there are some days it nearly feels impossible.

I physically pick my daughters up and carry them to the bathroom each morning. It’s the only guaranteed way to get them out of bed. Plus, I get to steal a few extra snuggles this way (and as a working mama, I want to get those snuggles every chance I can). Once we make it to the bathroom, the real challenges begin. I ask my children to climb on the potty but it feels more like I’ve asked them to climb Mount Everest. I help them to brush their teeth but it feels more like pulling teeth. And then come the requests for putting on their socks.

Eventually, they finish with the potty, the teeth and the socks. They go downstairs and their dad helps them with breakfast. I finish up with what I need to do and start to head out the door. But certainly not before giving each of my girls a big hug and kiss and reminding them that I’ll see them again after their snack. My husband then reminds me to take whatever item I might be forgetting (lunch, coffee mug, etc).  Checking the clock, I’m satisfied that I’m actually on time. And then one of my kids yell, “Wait! One more kiss!”

I can never resist. I go back to the breakfast table. My youngest is two. She’s the most insistent on this right now. I remember my oldest going through this stage at her age too. Of course, no matter which child is making the request, there are hugs and kisses for all.

Second attempt to leave. This time I might get out the door. Or even half way to the car. But then I hear the shout. “Wait! One more kiss!” And, again, I just can’t resist.

There are a hundred things that delay me getting out the door for work each morning. I certainly wish those didn’t include pleading with a child to empty her obviously full bladder. But I never mind the plea for just one more kiss.

4 thoughts on “One More Kiss

  1. This is so sweet, Julie 🙂 It’s pretty hard saying goodbye sometimes!

  2. Christina Skiadas says:

    Thank you for sharing you experiences of being a working mom. Until you are in it, you don’t understand how challenging Nd how rewarding it can be!

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