Open the Red Envelope for Great Mom’s Day Gifts

Checking out the last two posts here, I notice a theme: getting Mom a Mother’s Day gift can be tough. We’re either busy moms ourselves, or it’s hard to find something we think Mom will like. I got the chance to try out Red Envelope with a $75 gift credit, and check it out: Mother’s Day, for me, is done and done, plus my mom LOVES what I got her.

The first thing I appreciated about Red Envelope was their great selection of unique Mother’s Day gifts. From gorgeous. personalized jewelry to flowers, picture frames and gourmet treats, the items are classy, sensitively selected and really beautiful. I ended up getting my mother the Languages of Mom necklace.

Ordering from Red Envelope was simple, too, but what I really liked was how quickly my item arrived. My mother’s in town right now, helping with the kids while I travel for work, and the necklace arrived right when I’d requested it. So I got to give it to her in person. And did I mention that she loves it? It’s a beautiful piece–really nice quality and well worth the money. It’s probably one of the nicest Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever given.

If you’re busy like me, if Mother’s Day snuck up on you and you’re still looking for unique gifts for Mom, I’d definitely recommend checking out Red Envelope.

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