Love vacations, but lack time for family travel planning? Here's how a professional travel planner can help working moms enjoy more trips with less stress.

Outsource Family Vacation Planning

We never seem to be short on our dreams of travel—wonderful family vacations, trips with our husband, or getaways with our girlfriends. But all too often, the dreaming is where the fun ends and planning is where the stress begins. The time comes for family travel planning and suddenly it becomes another task on your endless to-do list. And it’s not just any task—this planning can be a pretty big undertaking.

We need to allow ourselves permission to ask for help sometimes. So when you are faced with a task like trip planning, I encourage you to think about outsourcing it.

A good travel consultant can do all this travel planning for you. This person can be invaluable when you think about how much time you can save as well as being able to rest easier knowing you are getting the best value for your money. The days of do-it-yourself trip planning are starting to diminish as the demands on our time increase by the day and we have less free time to get it all done. Even Forbes has taken notice of the current resurgence of travel advisors.

So go ahead and continue to dream about all those fantastic destinations on your travel wishlist—and then let me help you turn those dreams into reality.

Kim Zielinski left her career in corporate finance to follow her passion for all things travel. Founder of Intellego Travel, she is a mom of two who helps busy families create a lifetime of memories by helping them plan their travel adventures.

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