Parting Ways

I’ve had something that I’ve been struggling with for some time now, but I’ve been putting it off for a number reasons. To list just a few: I didn’t want to let my friends down, I didn’t want to be a quitter, and I also didn’t want to make a decision that I may later regret.

But, in true WMAG fashion, I decided to throw all that guilt and doubt out the window and follow my heart. Therefore, I decided to part ways from the blog. With my kids getting older and more involved in school and activities, not only has time become a factor, but I’ve also lost a lot of passion. Lately, it’s been more labored to write a post than something I look forward to doing. And that’s a pretty big sign that’s its time to go.

I don’t feel like this is goodbye, as I know I’ll be a regular visitor and possibly a guest blogger on WMAG. But, I wish my fellow co-bloggers, Susan, Tela, and Sara, all the best. And I thank all the readers who have supported us since our beginning over three years ago.

So, with that said… Cara OUT. Here’s to a hopeful, guiltless 2010!

4 thoughts on “Parting Ways

  1. Say it ain't so, Cara! All right, I knew this was coming. But still, doesn't make it easier to say goodbye to one of the original WMAG 4. Felt the same way when you quit on me at Bridge. But I got over it, and we're still friends. Always will be!

    Good luck in this new, non-blogging phase of your life. May you find passion and joy in whatever you choose to do. Guilt-free.

  2. Still looking forward to hanging out in the non-blogosphere!

  3. Wah wah waaahhh. But I know we'll still each other and hang. It's bittersweet!

  4. shannanb aka mommy bits says:

    Good luck Cara! I will miss your writing!

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