Permission to Get Sick

Hey, working moms, what sort of luxuries do you allow yourself every now and then? Manicures? Shopping trips sans kids? Dinner out with hubby? I enjoy all of those things, but lately my big luxury is being sick.

I have been under the weather for the past month or so, but with the holidays, work and a few personal projects that got put on the front burner, I simply ignored the sore throat, fatigue, runny nose and all-over feeling of crappiness that crept in with all of that Christmas candy. I ran on adrenaline, and it got me through until Saturday morning. I took my daughter to the bookstore and lunch and then, on the way home, I started to feel like a wind-up toy with one of those keys in my back. As I pulled into our driveway and walked into the house, I felt that key turning slower and slower as my energy just gave out. I put on my pajamas, collapsed on the couch and slept for two hours, letting my husband handle Little One for the rest of the day.

That night, I went to bed at 7 and read a new book until 10:30, when I went to sleep again. I spent most of Sunday loafing around and feeling terrible. And do you know what? I really enjoyed it! It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to lie in bed and allow myself to feel bad. So often I just power through because so much needs to be done and it’s easier to pretend nothing is wrong and rely on that 6-7 hours of sleep each night to refuel and repair my body.

I’m still feeling rather nasty – can’t smell or taste anything, low energy – but it’s much better than it was. Now that I’m back in the rush of things, I’m back to getting by. But after my decadent weekend of illness, I feel better able to face the new year. Let’s hope it’s a happy – and healthy – one!

9 thoughts on “Permission to Get Sick

  1. just4ofus says:

    After I had Lily and I was juggling a newborn, a 23 month old and recovering from a C-section…
    I prayed for God to give me the flu. Just so I could be left alone and rest. How pathetic that I wanted to be sick. That is how desperate I was.
    Sometimes you just have to get rest.
    Glad you did. Feel better.

  2. Mommy Bits says:

    That is terrible Sara. I am sorry. I hope you feel better soon. It’s so much harder to allow yourself to be sick when you have children. I am glad you opted to give in a little and get some rest!

  3. Actually, I thought it sounded wonderful! The sleeping, reading, and resting part–not the being sick part, of course.

    It’s hard to be sick and be mommy. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better, at least.

  4. I usually find the best medicine for colds and other minor illnesses is rest. Sure, chicken soup and soaps help, too. But sleep is tops! Too bad when you’re a mom, you just don’t have the time. Especially around the holidays.

    Once, I stayed home while sick and had Jay take Cassie to the sitter’s so I could rest. It really helped!

  5. I never thought I’d miss the days of being sick before kids. Aaahh, to curl up in bed (or on the couch) with the tv on or a good book and a bowl of chicken-noodle soup. Give me the fever, the nausea – I’d take it all for ONE sick day like that again!

    Feel well soon!

  6. meauxjeaux says:

    i’m jealous. i’ve been sick as a dog since last friday with pink eye, strep throat and other maladies. my son has pink eye, too (that’s where i got it) and i’m still doing most everything. taking care of him. doing all the laundry. bringing him to the doctor. picking up medicine. taking care of the house. ugh. i never want to be sick again b/c it just makes doing everything else (including a couple feedings during the night) worse. plus, i don’t get the sympathy i used to with the little one around. boo for me. 🙁

    you (and your husband) are my hero!

  7. My husband always comments that I must have one damn good immune system, because he thinks I never get sick. He, on the other hand, will sleep in until 3 p.m. over a sore throat. Ugh!

    But, yeah, I could use a sick day, too. At least a mental health day!

  8. nasreen vinod says:

    its bad enough that u r working mom but when everyone takes u for granted ,thats when life stinks. I have been a working mom for 13 of the 16 yrs of my married life n i have had enough. I am so desperate now that i want to fall ill just so i can rest and hopefully be pampaered too!

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