Post-Holiday Work Week

After a whole week off (9 days in a row, if you’re counting), I was ready to come back to work yesterday. I totally loved spending all that time with the fam, going from one holiday adventure to the next. We had so many opportunities for cuddles, frolicking and general merriment, it was ridiculous.

But as the final weekend came to a close, I started feeling ancy. Ants-in-my-pansty. Like I needed to be doing something constructive, beyond decorating gingerbread houses, unloading the dishwasher (again) and catching up on my DVRed shows. Something like … work. In a quiet place. Where I could think, be productive and do what I’m good at.
Yes, I do miss my kiddo. She hurt her finger at the playground yesterday and I wasn’t there to kiss the boo-boo. I would’ve liked to kiss it. And I’m already looking forward to the next break, four days off starting on New Year’s Day!
Still, doing the work thing for a few days here isn’t so bad. How about you?

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