Post-Move Update

Hey, all. I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog since we moved into our new house nearly three weeks ago. It’s been a whirlwind of unpacking, settling in, meeting neighbors, getting things fixed, and working.

I still don’t have the house the way I want it — way too much still needs to be done — but it’s getting there. Soon, I’ll actually welcome visitors and not be frantically trying to shuffle boxes around as they tour the house.

This is one example of a time when I’m so relieved to be a “work-at-home” mom (or WAHM). I can work in a little unpacking between writing assignments, make calls to the chiropractor (badly needed after screwing up my back with heavy lifting of boxes and baby) and clients alike, and be around for deliveries or worker-folks while getting stuff done. When the kids get home, we have fun exploring the house, yard and neighborhood — which I’m loving more every day.

I know moving can and is done all the time by work-outside-the-home moms — but man, it has got to be doubly hard! Hats off to you, ladies. What do you do, hire a moving concierge to handle it all?!

P.S. On a related note, you might like to read my latest post on ING Direct’s We, the Savers blog. It’s all about how moving made me realize just how much crap we have, and how I plan to “simplify and save” in our new home.

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