Precious Cargo


I’m from Northeastern Ohio. The snow belt. Every winter snow poured from the skies. It’s not uncommon to have a layer of the white stuff covering the ground from December to March. So I have experience with snow. And I have experience driving in it.

When I moved to Cincinnati and realized traffic slowed to a snail’s pace at the first sign of rain, let alone snow, I grew increasingly frustrated with other drivers on the road whenever the weather wasn’t dry and sunny.

“GO!” I’d mutter as I rocked back and forth in the seat of my car. (Was I thinking I could somehow propel cars forward if I rocked my body hard enough? Who knows?)

“It’s SNOW/RAIN falling from the sky–not kittens,” I thought, “No need to drive so slow!”

Then I had Owen. Then I had the drive to work this morning in the snow. With Owen in the car. I was no longer pounding my hand against the wheel, agitated I couldn’t will traffic to move forward.

Driving at a snail’s pace was fine with me. I’d get to work when I got to work.

I now have precious cargo on board. And nothing is going to jeopardize that. Not snow, kittens, or careless drivers.

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