Pssst: My Book Club Doesn’t Actually Read Books!

It’s my turn to host my book club tonight, and I’m extra-excited because this time I’m actually prepared. My house is clean (thanks to my previously mentioned new cleaning lady). I have the food all taken care of (courtesy of my favorite “caterer,” the Kroger Deli). Childcare is covered by my lovely Hubs, who will I’m sure employ the help of Nick Jr. in keeping the kiddos occupied.

Best of all, I don’t have to be all embarrassed that I didn’t have time to read the book. Why? Because our book club has pretty much given up on the “book” part of our club.

There was a time in my life when I would’ve thought how sad that is. A bunch of educated, well-read ladies getting together each month under the guise of a book club — and we don’t discuss a book?!

Well, the current me thinks it’s just fine. When I started this club years ago, I was a DINK (you know, double-income, no kids) and had plenty of leisure time for all kinds of things — including reading novels. Oh, how I miss reading novels.

But as the club aged and a good number of us became moms, we really started slacking on the actual “book” part. It got to the point where one or none of us had read that month’s book, and members would avoid meetings out of shame. Finally, someone (and it might’ve been me) just said, “Give it up, people. We’re not reading books. But we still want to meet. So let’s keep getting together once a month for drinks, eats and good conversation. Books are 100% optional.”

I know someday I’ll get back to reading books again. Right now, though, I’m lucky to have a monthly evening with friends–and I’m not gonna feel guilty about it!

4 thoughts on “Pssst: My Book Club Doesn’t Actually Read Books!

  1. Some of my post-retirement friends kept mentioning their upcoming TAE meetings. When I asked what TAE did, they were a book club but eventually they decided just to Talk And Eat.

  2. Some of us still read our Book Club books, but we never get around to talking about. We've pretty much changed the name to Wine Club.

  3. Whether you're reading books or not, its great that you all can get together and have some fun!

  4. Oh, I LOVE this idea!! I may have to start a non-book book club! This is perfect!

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