Puppy Parenthood: A New Kind of Guilt

We love our Happy dog. She’s been doing really good since we got her on Saturday. The kids were pretty surprised. Not “jump up and down surprised.” More like “are we dreaming?” surprised. It took a good couple minutes for my son to ask, “So… this is like our dog, right? …Forever?”

Most people usually have a dog before a kid. We had the kids before the dog. So this puppy-parenthood is all new to us. I can already tell I’m putting too much pressure on myself to raise the most perfect dog. I’ve read almost everything I could about house-breaking. I’ve asked other dog owners for recommendations on everything from dog food to obedience training. And I’ve been to PetSmart already too many times.

I don’t remember being this stressed out over having a new baby! Or, maybe I’m just having new mommy amnesia?

I’m also fighting a new kind of guilt. Pet-owner guilt! I feel bad putting her in her crate while I’m working. She has this pathetic little howl she does when she’s sad. Aww… poor puppy!

Any other WPAG (working pet-owners against guilt) out there?

6 thoughts on “Puppy Parenthood: A New Kind of Guilt

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I’m not a mom-of-kids, but I’m a mom of three cats. Before I got divorced, I had a dog– no longer get to see her and it breaks my heart.

    Anyway, I actually feel guilty leaving the cats alone sometimes. My boyfriend, a teacher, is home with them this summer and they’re all happy and all OVER them because he’s constantly there. I’ve debated getting another dog, but with my hour + commute most days, I’d be away from home more than 9 hours a day– just not fair. Sigh.

    But your new dog is adorable. 🙂

  2. Dogs love their crates, and yours will learn to love it too. They are den animals and the crate is a safe place for the dog. Try not to guilt yourself to death. I’m sure you are doing a bang up job!!

  3. salamndstron says:

    PUPPIES! Sorry I have a bit of a problem with how much I love animals puppy eating corn

    Anyways I don’t think that dogs love there crates but mine never seem to overly dislike them. Just so long as dogs get plenty of attention crating is not a big deal. Well thats what I think but then again puppy eating corn amuses me so what do I know?

  4. She actually does great in her crate… and from what I’ve read/heard crate-training is the best way to house break a dog. She cries and howls when she’s left outside alone, though.

    I hear you Julie, being away from home 9 hours a day would be hard if you had a dog. Cats seem a lot easier to take care of when you’re constantly on the go.

  5. Just remember how much of your feeling of success/failure as a pet-owner is the result of expectations you set for yourself and you’ll be fine. If your puppy potty-trains in two weeks instead of one, you’re not a failure!

    Also, the crate training will get easier. We have a lab we brought home when he was 6 weeks old and for six months it was nonstop whining and crying in the crate when he wasn’t sleeping. Now, at one year old, he puts himself in there when he’s tired and needs a break. Just like with mommyhood, it gets easier!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am the QUEEN of doggie mom guilt! it interferes with my thoughts during the day! Don't get me wrong..i'm not obsessive…just feeling like i should be giving them more attention, better toys, more play time – etc. I know i have to work, and live my life….but my dogs ARE my life (no children in our home) – ! I realize i'm being "silly" or overly protective and worrisome….but I just can't seem to overcome the feelings of "inept" mommy! i love my boys…and do whatever i can to give them a good life…i wish they could "tell me in words" if they are happy…and/or what else they need!

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