I went on a trip last week with my family, and while there, wrote a little guest post for Living Self-Care. Is a vacation with kids really worth the hassle?

Vacation With Kids

Ever gone on a family trip and wondered at any point to yourself: "Is a vacation with kids really worth the hassle?" Consider these points and decide.

I went on vacation last week with my family, and while I was there, wrote a little guest post for Living Self-Care. It goes a little something like this:

I’m on “vacation” right now. I put the word in quotes because, well, it doesn’t exactly feel like vacation.

Sure, we’re staying in a family friend’s lovely condo (for free!) in North Carolina,  steps from a gorgeous pool and a 30-minute drive to the beach.  How lucky are we?

But with a 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son along, this week has been a lot more work than relaxation.

Read the rest of the post about going on vacation with kids at Living Self-Care.

And tell me what you think: Are vacations really worth it when you have little ones? (I’m talking not potty trained, not fully able to communicate, still need naps little.)

Ever gone on a family trip and wondered at any point to yourself: "Is a vacation with kids really worth the hassle?"

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14 thoughts on “Vacation With Kids

  1. Sooooo much work…still thinking it’s worth it in the long run…and I’ve been doing it since they were babies and they are only 2 and 5 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s impressive. I have heard that it’s worth it, and maybe that’s true. Although my mom still has nightmares about some awful train trip she took my then-2yo brother on.

  2. If you’re staying for free, it’s a little different, but I wouldn’t shell out a bunch of money to go somewhere and have to sacrifice my own enjoyment for diapering, napping, and early bedtimes. Maybe that sounds selfish, but that’s just how I feel personally. That’s why we are waiting until both kids are potty trained to go anywhere. Until then we will do day trips and staycations.

  3. This is why a friend says they always bring a sitter or nanny. Grandparents also work well. It is the only way you get some R&R too. Of course it is hard to ditch the idea that going away with the family and just being together, uninterrupted, is supposed to be the greatest thing for your family. No idea where this idea really came from, but maybe it is true when the kids get older….

    1. Our sitter was ON vacation that week, which is why we decided to go ahead and do the same. I wish we had a 20-year-old cousin who would come along for babysitting. That would’ve been great.

  4. For me works best knowing the purpose of vacation…. getting to bond with my children uninterrupted along with making sure they are comfortable(fed timely,regular bathroom breaks) Its all work and grow to know my child and appreciate my nanny even more when I am back 🙂
    However if I go with idea of getting a break from it all I think it makes it harder no matter what the childs age I have mom with 15yr olds that get stuck with laundry and figuring out food for family

    1. Jolly, that makes total sense. Just like everything with parenting, it’s all about planning and setting expectations, right?

  5. It would really be nice to bring the grandparents along…you get to bond with both the young and the old…

    1. Oh, Thea, how I would have loved to do that! My husband, on the other hand, *might* not be too crazy about having his in-laws along for vacation 🙂

  6. We spent a week at the beach when our daughter had just turned 3 (being from NE this was a big deal) – she LOVED it. Yes, it was more work. No, not as relaxing as when it was just the hubs and myself in Puerto Rico – but 100% worth it. GREAT memories. We went to the Dells for a week before we had our son a few months ago and again, different experience but still worth it.

    Now that our son is still only 2 months old we’ll have to decide, but by next summer he should be good to go. We do have an opportunity to fly to Florida and spend a few days in Disney World for cheap, but we’re going to pass – as much as the now 4 yo would love it, X is just too little. Next year maybe!

  7. Oh in hear you! We are in the same situation! BUT I do have to say I think it’s really good for kids to start traveling when they are young. Teaches them to be adaptable and good with new experiences…it’s soooo much work, but i have been trying to look at it as a break in routine rather than ‘vacation’…a change of scenery. Then the pressure is off me to make it anything other than what it is. I love that your girl invented wave jumping, she will always remember that!

  8. So, so, so true. We just got back from “vacation” with extended family at a cabin in southern Indiana. My only goal was no illnesses, no injuries, and we succeeded. It was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. It just definitely isn’t relaxing with a 5yo and a 9 month old. The additional factor of being at a cabin makes more work for me with cooking, dishes, etc. Not what I call a vacation. I told my husband that the next time I pack suitcases it will be for something that includes the phrases “all-inclusive” and “childcare.”

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