Routines By All Means

As much as I might not like to admit it, being a parent has turned me into a creature of habit. With routines. Who doesn’t like to change things up at all much. Every weekend I work my weekends to the fullest—so I can get as much family time in as possible while also cramming in a week’s worth of cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping into two days. It’s a far cry from my pre-child weekends, where I’d sleep till whenever I wanted and go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I realized just how much I depended on my routines and habits when I got news my neighborhood Kroger was going to be closed for four months. I’m still reeling. What am I going to do? I LOVE that Kroger. It’s small, which most people might not like, but I love. I can get in and out quickly—whether I’m doing my weekly shopping or quick mid-week trip. I also don’t have to walk a half-marathon if I want to run in and grab a gallon of milk and some bread.

Plus, it’s close—practically down the street. I depend on that Kroger so much that I talked at length with multiple store employees (the deli lady, the shelf stocker, and the checkout lady) about what exactly was going to happen—“You aren’t going to make it bigger, are you? Switch things around too much? There’s no way it will be done sooner?” HOW OLD AM I? I’m 33, not 73!

I really don’t like the next nearest Kroger, so it seems this creature of habit is going to have to change up her routine—whether she likes it or not. Maybe it’s just the nudge I need to finally join a CSA or sign up for Farm Fresh Delivery.

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