Schedule Your Own “Workdates”


You know how we orchestrate all those playdates for our kids to hang out with their friends? To help them create and nurture peer relationships, build social skills, enrich their interpersonal development … all that good stuff? Well, I decided recently to schedule my own adult version of playdates to help me with my working-mom life/career. You might call them “workdates.” The idea was simply to meet with different women who seemed like great female mentors, role models, or sounding boards for me.

Recently, I had three workdates with three different women—each highly successful and accomplished in her own right, and willing to spend a little of her time with me. Each one taught me something new about myself and gave me ideas for my future. I also enjoyed the time talking with some fabulous women. With these three enlightening workdates under my belt, I plan to continue orchestrating more of these personal/professional conversations with female mentors.

3 thoughts on “Schedule Your Own “Workdates”

  1. adoal tedla says:

    I appreciate their music foundation a lot, especially the sleep noises. My 2.5-month-old daughter and I use these nightly before bed.

  2. Dwayne Mann says:

    You are probably aware that we set up a lot of playdates for our children so that they may socialize with their other children.

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