School Age Will Be Easier

10 thoughts on “School Age Will Be Easier

  1. I’m in the same boat. We start Pre-K4 in two weeks, up until this time he’s been with my parents while i’m at work. He’s smart and tough and lovable and brave… but this is brand new for us and while we are forking over $$$ for a great private school; I’m in anguish over leaving him in the “foreign” place, even for the short time he’s there. as we countdown the days i choke back tears… He will do great, even if it takes some adjusting. His mom on the other hand….

    1. I hope your son (and you!) have adjusted well to his first year in school!! There are still moments at drop-off as I see my daughter walking down the hall with the teachers that I think, ‘How am I just driving away while near strangers take care of her!?’ Of course, they aren’t strangers to her anymore and she loves her school. All is well, but nope, school age is different but not easier!

  2. Same experience over here. My daughter has two year and finally I could breath. For two months I have slept over whole night in bed and I feel fresh as new. Sometimes during day she get her toys and play alone for half an hour. I have feeling that is blessing. I am not sure am I going to have another baby for few more years (2-3).

  3. MarkBaker11 says:

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  4. Donald Rain says:

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  5. Adamz Sendler says:

    I am sure that raising children should always be based on personal example.

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  8. Kyle Farrell says:

    My children have difficulty studying. They cannot do without tutors in some subjects.

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