School Closings

I love snow. I really do. But, when it snows during the work week–it really blows.

This week in southwest Ohio, we’ve had some snow and ice storms that’s caused traffic delays and school closings. Luckily, I no longer have to trudge it to an office. I mostly work from home. Last year, however, during a snow storm my 25-minute commute took over 3 hours. Insane. I’m glad that’s behind me.
But, now I’m facing a new challenge: school closings. My son is only in preschool three days a week, but so far this year he’s missed six days of school. Now you think a snow day when you work from home shouldn’t be a problem. But, when you count on that time to get your work done, I’ll say it again–it really blows.
Sometimes I can get help from my neighbors. But when they’re not available, I usually have to rearrange my workload and reschedule any in-person meetings.
But then again, I’m a corporation of one. Nobody is counting on me to be in the office. So whatever crinkle a snow day might put in my day, it’s still better than feeling like a have to get to work.
I do, however, miss those entertaining co-worker stories of battling the elements. You know those people who feel like the whole world is going to fall apart if they’re not at work. The types (usually without kids) who will brag about waking up at 3:00 in the morning to get to work on time. “Oh yeah, well I snow-shoed it here. Stopped along the way, killed a buck, gutted him to use his skin for warmth, regained my energy by eating some wild berries, and made it here by the 8:30 am staff meeting. Take that, slacker.”
So like Tela’s post about backup sitters when your child’s sick… How do you handle school closings? Do you take a snow day, too, using your vacation or sick time? Or do you rush to find a backup sitter because you feel obligated to get to work?
Hey, if your boss can get there during a Level 3 Snow Emergency, there’s no excuse for you, right? Ugh.

5 thoughts on “School Closings

  1. I was just going to post about this very thing!!! Lately, the snow days haven’t been too big of a problem because they hit when work isn’t too busy. But when I’m swamped, I either see if a friend can take her, or I pop in the videos and then hope she takes a long nap in the afternoon. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about bosses and co-workers sniping about the so-called “special favors” that working parents need when they have to work from home or otherwise rearrange their schedules due to unforeseen circumstances. But still, those deadlines must be met. I’ve found a whole other type of guilt when my daughter is begging me to play with her and I’m chained to my laptop.

  2. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Our daycare provider takes the kids on snow days – they’re just there all day instead of after school. It’s nice that we don’t have to worry about finding care or staying home, but it costs extra. And since daycare is our single biggest expense, that definitely hurts!

  3. just4ofus says:

    I think that the schools around here need to call off school less. It isn’t like we don’t get snow EVERY year and we have salt trucks.
    So I say SUCK IT UP CINCINNATI and follow Cincinnati Public Schools example of rarely calling off.
    : )

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m a teacher. When school is closed, we all stay home together!
    I DO realize that I’m VERY fortunate!!

  5. ketty peri says:

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