Set Your TiVo (or VCR)!

Elizabeth Vargas will appear on the Oprah Show on Tuesday, January 23 to further address the topic “Can Working Mothers Have it All?” From the previews, I can tell it’s going to be a heated debate.

My Baby or My Job: Why Elizabeth Vargas Stepped Down ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas’s excrutiating decision. Twenty-six million people have to make the same one, and it’s the mother of all conflicts–your children or your career. We asked and you answered in record numbers! Can women really have it all?

Women are already chatting about the topic “My Baby or My Job” on Oprah’s message board.
I’m definitely going to tape the show. Old-school style, because I don’t have TiVo. Boo.

4 thoughts on “Set Your TiVo (or VCR)!

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. I love hearing people’s thoughts on this topic.

  2. Wow. I checked out the message board, and the overwhelming theme there is financial strain – moms who are overworked and still financially drained, and moms who are at home and worried about money. I hear so many politicians, churches and other power brokers in our society talk about being pro-family – why can’t we do more to help families at least afford childcare?

    I don’t have TIVO. Cara, you’ll have to tell me about this episode after it airs…

  3. Thanks for the notice – I’ll set the DVR now. I used to have Oprah on a full pass, I’ll have to add it again. 🙂

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