Setting the Course for Your Week

When it comes to the work week, I am a fortune teller. And I’m pretty accurate, too. Based on how much crap I was able to get done over the weekend, I know how well the rest of the week is going to go.

Here’s how I can tell, for instance, that this week will be pretty decent:

  • Jay picked up our pre-ordered Dinners Ready meals Friday afternoon, which should last us through the week or longer.
  • I did a serious grocery run on Saturday afternoon.
  • I cleaned up the first floor (where we spend most of our time, and therefore gets the messiest/dirtiest).
  • I got the laundry washed, folded and put away by Sunday morning(!)
  • I made it through all of our bills, paperwork and random stuff piled up on my desk.

Seriously, if I didn’t do all this before the work week started, I would be totally screwed. I never have the time or energy for laundry, bills, groceries, etc. after a work day. Everything gets backed up, and I either have to sacrifice sleep or my sanity to catch up on weeknights.

And I remember when weekends used to be all about sleeping in and going out. Sigh…

3 thoughts on “Setting the Course for Your Week

  1. I don’t know how you do it! I can get one, maybe two of those things done over the weekend (which might explain why I feel so out of sorts during the week). All weekend long it’s “okay, I’ll vacuum while you watch the kiddo, then you mow the grass while I watch her…” but I never get everything done that I want to.

  2. Your list of weekend to-do’s is impressive. If I can get only the laundary done – sorted and folded away by Sunday night, it makes an amazing difference to my week. This weekend, I cooked and froze some meals, but there wasn’t enough time to fold laundary. And for me, laundary seems to have the greatest impact, so there goes my week…

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