Shortcuts to Healthy Eating, Family-Style

Since I decided to pursue a whole foods, plant-based diet toward the end of last year, I’ve hit quite a few roadblocks in my healthy eating journey:

  • Hubs considers most vegan dishes to be inedible (with some exceptions).
  • Kids are picky as hell and whine about anything that’s not fast food or processed. (And sometimes, they whine about those, too.)
  • I started a new full-time job with a long-ass commute. The fam doesn’t exactly like to wait until I get home at 6:45 for me to fix them dinner. And I don’t exactly feel like cooking it, either!
  • Trips to the grocery store have been fewer and farther between. There may be tumbleweeds blowing in my fridge–I’m not sure.

So what’s a plant-seeker to do? I’m looking for any shortcut to natural, healthy eating I can find.

Recently, I discovered a good one: organic, natural produce and groceries, delivered to your door! Awesome, right?

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery currently serves the fine midwestern communities of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Indianapolis.  Their online service provides fresh produce and groceries through its network of local farmers and artisans. I became an instant fan of this healthy alternative to conventional grocery stores.

I received a complimentary small produce bin (valued at $35) to try their service, and was blown away by all the fruits and veggies I got. Fingerling potatoes, ruby red cherry tomatoes, gorgeous bibb lettuce, and lots more — yum! For the next week or so, my family enjoyed the bounty of nature from that green bin.

And it saved me a trip to the store. Major bonus.

I like that you aren’t just limited to produce with Green B.E.A.N. They also offer all-natural and organic groceries including local dairy, eggs, meats, bread, bulk kitchen staples, artisan foods and more.

Have you discovered any great little secrets that make it easier to healthy as a family? Please, for the love of plants, share.

5 thoughts on “Shortcuts to Healthy Eating, Family-Style

  1. We LOVE the Green Bean delivery. I think it is an awesome service and we definitely eat more fruits and veggies now. Even the kids. It’s well worth it to me.

    And yes, it’s the Sharonville/42/Fields Ertel Kroger that I despise….thanks for stopping over at Take 10. You must live closeby!

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