One of the handmade cards Working Moms Against Guilt created for moms in need.

Showing the Love (to First Time Moms in Need)

One of the handmade cards Working Moms Against Guilt created for moms in need.

Being a new mom is a tough job, no matter what your background or income status.

But first-time moms who lack financial resources and support? My heart especially goes out to you. So when JOHNSON’S® Baby asked me if there was a local charity our blog would like to support–with gift boxes of free baby care products and homemade “CARE” Cards–I immediately thought of Every Child Succeeds. Their motto is “preparing new mothers for the work of a lifetime.” Seemed fitting.

Every Child Succeeds is a collaborative evidence-based home visitation program that helps first-time parents create a nurturing, healthy environment for their children. Home visits, which take place from the time of pregnancy through the child’s third birthday, are designed to ensure an optimal start for children both physically and emotionally.

Words of encouragement to a new mom in need.

As a member of the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES Council, I get access to cool opportunities like this one. In 2012, JOHNSON’S® Baby established the JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES charitable platform to help ensure that every baby has a healthy and happy start through educational and social initiatives, product donations and financial support. As part of this platform, the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby products alongside parent company Johnson & Johnson have made a multi-year, multi-million dollar contribution to Save the Children® that will help create and sustain key initiatives and programs dedicated to improving the health of moms and babies worldwide.

Busy getting our craft on with card-making.

The folks at Johnson’s shipped me everything I needed to assemble 25 boxes of baby shampoo, lotion, powder, etc. and create handmade cards meant to encourage the moms who’d receive them (via Every Child Succeeds). I got together with a few friends, including fellow Working Moms Against Guilt cofounder Sara Bennett Wealer, and we had a lovely time getting crafty with our cards as we talked.

Diane from Every Child Succeeds

The next day, I dropped off the finished packages to Diane from Every Child Succeeds. They were gratefully received, and we’re so glad to know that 25 first-time moms in need will get a little something extra at their next home visit from ECS.

Want to make your own CARE Card for a mom who needs a little extra encouragement (and who doesn’t?)

Here’s a quick little app that helps you create and send one via Facebook.

An e-card digital platform helping to brighten the days of first time moms across the country by sharing cheerful messages of encouragement.


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