SiCKO Opens Today

Michael Moore's SICKO sparked healthy discussion about the healthcare system so every working family could have the access they need to quality healthcare.
I think we all know the healthcare system in America sucks. Right?

Well, I guess if you’ve been incredibly lucky, healthy, and well-covered your whole life, you might be under the illusion that everyone has access to decent healthcare. Especially hard-working moms with little kids, right?

Nope. Check out some facts (courtesy of MomsRising):

  • At least 9 million children (probably many more) have no health insurance at all.
  • Having a child is now the single best predictor that a woman will go bankrupt.
  • Working families make up 81 percent of uninsured people.

If you’re still not convinced—or if you are, but need some fuel to get you good and angry (but still laugh at the stupidity)—go see Michael Moore’s film SiCKO, opening tonight in theaters across the country.

Let’s hope it will spark some positive change in the healthcare system so that every working family will have the access they need to quality healthcare—without going broke.

3 thoughts on “SiCKO Opens Today

  1. SiCKO has been recruiting me to volunteer and hand out info at the openings…
    I haven’t seen the movie, but my assumption is that he is for socialized medicine. I am all for that we need a change regarding the health care system, however there has to be a middle ground… a mix between our system now and a socialized medicine system. If we are headed that way, I am not sure I want to stay in my profession. I am not ready for the government to have all of the control.

  2. just4ofus says:

    That was not from Jason.. it was me..

  3. Although, I get annoyed with Michael Moore, I am interested in seeing this movie. The facts regarding healthcare in this country are shocking!

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