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Looking for single mom blogs that aren't whiny or all about dating? Here are some of our favorite sites that address the work-life issues single moms face.

A while back, one of our readers wrote to ask us if we knew any good blogs that address the issues single moms face. I was all “Hey! I’m a single mom! I write on the blog.” So I told the reader I’d try to write about more about my life as a single mom.

I’ve been stumped. I haven’t known what to write about. Sure, as a single mom, I face a whole different set of issues from the married mom (and most married moms have gotten a least a taste of the single mom life when a partner travels for business, goes on a mancation, etc.) But whenever I try to write specifically about my “single mom” issues, it just feels whiny.

So then I went on a search—for single mom blogs that aren’t whiny. There are lots of really good ones. Quite a few focus on dating, but there are some that don’t. So here you go, WMAGs—help support the single blogging moms of the world. Take it from me: They need it, and they’ll appreciate it.

A Bright Future

It’s All About Balance

Single Mom with a Tiny Tot

Single Mom Seeking

Woulda Coulda Shoulda (She’s re-married now, but did the single mom thing for awhile.)

*If you’re a single mom who reads this blog, and I don’t mention you, please put comment with your blog name. I only started my search a few weeks ago—I’d love to learn of more.

Looking for single mom blogs that aren't whiny or all about dating? Here are some of our favorite sites that address the work-life issues single moms face.

Even more single mom blogs

Editor’s note: This post was originally published waaaaaay back in 2008, so we wanted to refresh the list with terrific blogs for single moms that have popped up more recently, circa 2015. Check these out:

Emma Johnson | Wealthy Single Mommy: This site is dedicated to helping the professional woman build a full, awesome life as a single mom.

Our Outdoor Travel Stories: This single mom of a 13-year-old daughter shares tips and stories about their outdoor adventures.

Rich Single Momma: Samantha, a single mom to two teens, chronicles her journey to financial freedom and blogs to teach single moms how they can be joyful, prosperous, and thrive.

Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem: Written by a mother and teacher from the Bronx, NY, who’s a single mom of two.

Single Mother Ahoy!: Vicky works from home as a ghost blogger, copywriter, and social media trainer, and blogs about life with her young daughter.

Single Mothers by Choice: The blog for moms of all backgrounds who believe a woman can successfully raise a child on her own.

The Successful Single Mom: All about single moms and how they can create the life, love, finances, and future they desire for themselves and their kids.

Super Single Mom: Hosted on, this blog focuses on the challenges of being a working single mother, as well as the positive sides that children can bring to our lives.

52 thoughts on “Single Mom Blogs

  1. I’m a single mom but as I read this I thought, “well, I write about being a MOM. The fact that I’m single is to me just something, like I live in Orlando, or I have three kids, not two. It affects my life, but it isn’t the sole descriptor that I write about.”

    If that makes sense. I do write about stuff that is pertinent to my being divorced, but I don’t title it with “look, single mom/divorcee stuff”.

    Thanks for the list though – I’ll be sure to check them out.

  2. Kim is a single mom, but her site isn’t just that. But I do know it’s a very honest view of her life raising two daughters on her own-I appreciate the perspective, and I’m in awe of her strength.

  3. Oh, Kim is great, thordora! I completely forgot about her. I hate doing “lists”–people are ultimately indavertently left off.

    Nikki–I think I mostly write as a “mom” too, but I leave out the single mom stuff. But I think there are definitely a separate set of issues single moms face, and I like identifying with people that encounter such similiar issues.

  4. mssinglemama says:

    Thank you, thank you for the shout out! If you visit my blog check out my blogroll for all of my other favorite single mama bloggers. There are quite a few of us… one of my personal favorite is Mommy Pie –

    Tks again!

    Ms. Single Mama

  5. serahrose says:

    Thanks for the link over! I always feel so loved when my stats shoot up for no apparent reason. Seriously, my post yesterday was about house work and I could not figure out why so many people seemed so interested in something so entirely mundane–and likely boring. What a nice surprise when I figured out the cause!

  6. pisceshanna says:

    Hey I’m a single mom blogger and I regularly read “A Bright Future” “All about Balance” as well as Ms. Single Mama and Single Mom Seeking. They all are amazing women and moms.

  7. Karissa Dee - Keeping it Seriously Simple says:

    My blog is about reducing my debt so that my son and I will have a better future. I am a single mom who works outside our home.

  8. Rich Single Momma says:

    What a great idea. I am a single mom and my blog is about empowering and enriching the lives of single moms economically and emotionally.

    I keep it positive and uplifting. My Side Hustle Series is a big hit as well. Do come and check it out!

    If anyone is interested in doing a blog carnival please contact me. It would be great exposure for everyone.

  9. I’m an (almost) divorced single mom of three who blogs about the good, bad and naughty of life after divorce and infidelity. I just recently launched my website,

    I’d love if you’d come check it out! Always love to hear and connect with like-minded moms and woman who want to grab life by the horns!


  10. Stephanie says:

    I am a young single mom. On my blog I write about the challenges I face not only being a single mom, but trying to attend college full time and work full time while still making time for my toddler. I also write about problems I go through with relationships, problems with my toddler, and just everything that is going on in my life and what lessons I am learning.

  11. Single Mama NYC says:

    Hi! I'm so glad I found this post. I'm a single mom blogger and would love for you to drop on by and have a visit at my place! I've been blogging since 2007 when I was pregnant and suddenly single, but refused to play victim. I'm so grateful for this ride!

    It's great to "meet" you!
    Single Mama NYC

  12. Hi there a single working mom here.
    Trying to balance all my acts with sanity. It is hard to be a single mother but as I look at my beautiful child everything is all worthwhile.

  13. I'm a single person who LOVES being a mom. (Although it is one tough job most of the time) I have two boys under the age of three and hope you will visit my blog. I try to put a positive spin on all our (mis)adventures!

  14. Though this post is a couple years old, there are still great single mom blogs popping up all over the 'net.

    Take mine for instance…Rich Single Momma is all about empowering single mom to get out of the financial rut.

    Hope you check it out! 🙂

  15. ninjamama says:


    I tumbled on your blog and saw how your insights have helped so many people. I admire all your work and would love to learn more from your posts.

    I am currently raising funds for my daughter’s early education, I hope you girls can help me out here:

  16. I love reading new things about single moms as I am a single mom of 3 rambunctious boys for 2 years now. I’ve started a website that addresses a lot of issues dealing with coming from abusive relationships and how to heal from that coming into single hood as well as how to cope being a single parent. I hope you enjoy, thanks!

  17. Gwendalyn Abrams says:

    I have a blog, but I write about my adventures traveling as a single parent. I don’t really focus on that I am single, just how I go about traveling and learning how to camp and drive mountain roads. I have been a working single parent for 12 years now. I also just have one child and I have been told that does not really make me a single parent. I am a parent and I am doing it all on my own.

  18. being a single mom is not something too bad, you may have more new experience, but it also has some bad effects

  19. ive been a single mom since the getgo… lets say that father might as well have been picked from a catalog….. however that isnt the case. I do not ask for support nor do i try to persue any relastionship for my daughter and him…. i just need someone to actaully relate to. my friends with kids all go thru court and what not and im so grateful…. however there is a slight bit of jealousy because i dont know what its like to have every other weekend off.

  20. Being a single mom has got to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I pushed for six hours!

  21. terry wagar says:

    I used to work at Oaks Park back when Funtasic ran the park back in 1983, 1983 was my rookie season at Oaks Park, I was honored by Oaks Park/Funtastic in 1983 for saving around seventy people’s lives when the park had a black out on one of it’s busiest days of the year.

    On July 3rd 1983 on one of Oaks Parks busiest days of the year the park had a blackout, a transformer in kiddyland blew up, it was on fire, and the power lines going to it were also on fire!

    Everyone in kiddyland was at the risk of being electrocuted, and it was so dark in that park you could not see your feet or hands, and there were around forty to fifty people in kiddyland at this time!

    I was running the Boat ride when the transformer blew up and the park went dark, and the transformer that blew up was right above my ride, I got everyone off my ride as fast as possible, but then realized after that that everyone that is still in kiddyland is still under the risk of electrocution!

    I began ordering customers out of kiddyland and directing their flow of traffic away from the danger area, I was hoping the other ride operators would help me but they did not, instead of helping me they just assumed they were supposed to leave kiddyland along with the customers, so I had to clear everyone out of that area on my own!

    After I got kiddyland clear I scoured kiddyland to make sure no one was left back there, when I was satisfied that there was no one left back there then and only then did I leave kiddyland!

    Once I was out of kiddyland I approached the first ride operator I seen that was standing around in confusion and doing nothing and I told him “YOU! Your now guard! DON’T LET ANYONE IN THIS AREA UNTIL THEY SPEAK TO ME FIRST!” and then I told him I am going to check to see if anyone else needs help!

    I went to check the rides that would most likely have customers trapped, the Monster Mouse and the Ferris Wheel, I checked the Monster Mouse first because it was closest to kiddyland at the time, and I discovered that the ride foremen were already on the scene at that ride!

    So I thought to myself “OK they got help, so I better check the Ferris Wheel!” so I went to check on the Ferris Wheel and discovered NO ONE was helping the Ferris Wheel and that the ride was filled with customers that were trapped on it, so I went to where the need was the greatest and went to the Ferris Wheel!

    I offered myself to the Ferris Wheel operator as his assistant in order to get the ride unloaded, and the Ferris Wheel operator profusely thanked me for arriving to help, and then he proceeded to tell me someone else showed up before I did and that person took off and left and never came back, and the Ferris Wheel operator was afraid I would do the same thing!

    I told the Ferris Wheel operator “Wild horses can’t drag me away from here! I ain’t going anywhere until this ride is unloaded!” the Ferris Wheel operator was scared and in a panic, and I had to take charge of the situation and ordered him to accept me as his assistant so that we can get these customers off the ride!

    I saved around forty to fifty people in kiddyland from electrocution, and then I rescued around twenty five to thirty people that were trapped on the Ferris Wheel!

    That was once again my rookie season!

    I continued to work at that park after Funtastic pulled out of that park in 1984 after the park was surrendered over to the City of Portland, all the years I worked in that park I was recognized as a go-to person and as a reliable and trusted person.

    In 1984 most everyone that worked at Oaks Park quit working there because Funtastic pulled out of Oaks Park and is no longer running the park for the owner of the park Mr Bollinger.
    1984 is a transitional year for Oaks Park because it is not yet under the control of the city of Portland and it is not being run any more by Funtastic.

    Around six ride operators continued to work there that worked the previous season, I happened to be one of those operator’s, everyone else was brand new and knew nothing about Oaks Park.

    The only manager that hung in there from the Funtastic era was Dick Connor’s, who became the general manager of the park in 1984 because the previous general manager left when Funtastic left.

    Oaks Park at the beginning of 1984 did not have any managers other than one, and had no ride foremen because the previous ride foremen left with Funtastic, and Oaks Park did not have a maintenance team because they as well left when Funtastic left the park.

    Dick Connor’s ordered the six experienced ride operators to train the newly hired ride operators on as many rides as possible and only gave us forty minutes to do this before the park opened up, normally it would be ride foremen that do the training, but these were unusual circumstances.

    So unofficially at the start of the season at Oaks Park me and five other seasoned ride operators were acting as ride foremen until Dick Connor’s can find replacement foremen to replace the ones that left with Funtastic, and Dick Connor’s was frantically looking for a new maintenance team.

    Because so many key people no longer worked at the park Dick Connor’s was very busy finding people to fill needed roles in the park and he relied on the six experienced ride operators still working there to keep tabs on everyone and to train new employees and to enforce safety policies.

    By mid 1984 Dick Connor’s managed to talk one of the best ride foreman’s Oaks Park ever had in returning to the park as a ride foremen, his name was Mahar, and Dick Connor’s hired an all new maintenance team to maintain the rides.

    By 1985 the park became under the control of the city of Portland and the city of Portland turned Oaks Park into a non-profit organization so they could hide the fact from the public that the city is running the park, and the city hired Joe Norling and Mary Beth Coffey to manage the park.

    Joe Norling is now the ceo of the park and Mary Beth Coffey became the ride manager and Joe Norling kept Dick Connor’s in the park as the general manager so that Joe and Mary Beth can learn from Dick Connor’s experience.

    Neither Joe Norling or Mary Beth Coffey knew anything about running an amusement park, and they relied very heavily on Dick Connor’s knowledge and experience to keep things going.

    My very first encounter with Mary Beth Coffey was when I was running the Ferris Wheel, I heard reports that Portland was going to get a wind storm, and it is a safety policies for that old Ferris Wheel Oaks Park owned to remove three cars from the ride and to put the empty section up at the top of the ride so that there is less wind resistance at the top of the ride and it also makes the ride bottom heavy, making it much harder for a wind storm to blow over the Ferris Wheel.

    Me and two other operators I recruited to help me to remove those cars were removing those cars, when Mary Beth Coffey showed up yelling at me to stop removing the cars, and then she demanded I explain why I am removing these cars.

    I told Mary Beth Coffey it is Oaks Park safety policies to remove three cars before the park closes if if we receive a wind storm report because it makes the ride far less likely to be blown over by a wind storm.

    Mary Beth Coffey looked confused, as though she knew nothing about safety policies, and then she seemed to just knuckle under as though she was trying to save face and told me to continue, I continued to explain in further detail what I was doing and pointed out to her I am required by safety policy to remove those cars, if a foremen was there he would have outright told me to remove those cars.

    In 1990 Joe Norling was the CEO, Dick Connor’s was the general manager, and Mary Beth Coffey was the ride manager, and Mahar was the lead ride foremen, and TC was the maintenance supervisor.

    In 1990 Dick Connor’s and Mahar and myself Terry Wagar were the last people working in that park from the Funtastic era.

    In 1990 before Dick Connor’s retired he trained the at the time current maintenance men on how to balance the Monster Mouse ride and shortly afterwords Dick Connor’s retired.
    Dick Connor was the last manager left in the park that was from the Funtastic era of the park, all the other managers in the park were hired by the City of Portland!
    This was also the last season that the long time ride Foremen Mahar worked in the park as well and he was also from the Funtastic era of that park!
    Me and the ride foremen Mahar and the general manager Dick Conner’s were the last of the Funtastic era working in that park!
    At the end of that season one week after Dick Connor’s was gone management ordered the maintenance team to have the Monster Mouse moved to a new location in the park.

    I noticed as the maintenance team was reassembling the Monster Mouse at it’s new location that they had left ALL THE BOARDS IN PLACE ON THE POSTS as they assembled the ride.
    I already knew that when Dick Connor’s and Funtastic balance that ride they always remove the boards during the dissembling part and thought it weird they left all the boards on the posts.

    I did not suspect foul play because I was giving the maintenance team the benefit of the doubt they were going to properly balance it after they assembled the ride, but I thought they were stupid for leaving all the boards in place because it would make the dissembling and reassembling of the ride much more difficult.
    The maintenance team did not balance the Monster Mouse they used a cheat and lied claiming they balanced it, the cheat they used was to leave all the boards in place on all the posts, that way after the ride is assembled the boards will already be in place and appear balanced when in fact it is not!

    The maintenance team did this at the end of the season, and it was not until the next year in 1991 when I got rehired back as a ride operator that I noticed the Monster Mouse was not properly balanced.

    I also noticed noticed that Mahar no longer worked at Oaks Park, and that management hired someone named Bill as their lead ride foremen.
    Bill was the train man the previous season, as a matter of fact it was open knowledge the previous season that Bill got the job as the train man because of his connections with management.

    Bill was not an experienced ride operator at all he was never trained on all the rides in the park and he was given the silver spoon treatment by management and given a premium sit-down ride like the train ride and that that ride was being reserved for him by managements orders.

    One of the best ride foreman’s the park ever had, Mahar, was replaced by a nincompoop no-nothing do-nothing not-trained-on-anything operator that was getting special treatment by management, in other words he was one of the worst lead ride foreman’s I have ever seen.

    I reported the Monster Mouse was not balanced to Tim Greeley of the maintenance team and he just grinned at me in a evil manner and said “Well,,,,we’ll get around to it.” and after a couple of weeks went by the Mouse ride was still not balanced and the ride was still open, and I realized I was being ignored by the maintenance team!

    So I reported it to the lead ride foreman Bill, Bill was hired as the lead Foremen after Mahar quit, and he told me he will take care of it, and it was right after that that the ride foreman permanently stuck me on the Ferris Wheel and would not give me any days off and would not allow me to run any other ride!

    The Ferris Wheel at Oaks Park at the time was the hardest ride in the park to run, and it is a burn out ride if your stuck on it all the time, so the ride foreman Bill was trying to force me to quit with his treatment of me!

    Telling the foreman about the problem on the Monster Mouse ride never accomplished anything, and after a couple of weeks went by the Mouse ride is still not balanced properly, I reported it to other ride operators and asked them to report it because I was being ignored by the maintenance team and by the foreman!

    I noticed that the management now had two more of their favored henchmen working in the park, one was named Richard, the other was named Jim Clooten, both of these men were allowed by management to have the Monster Mouse ride reserved to them, these two men were hogging the Monster Mouse rise and had the ride every day, either Richard or Jim Clooten would be on the back break controls of that ride!

    It was very obvious to any and all that these two men were getting the same special treatment as Bill was getting the following season, and now that Bill is the lead foremen he was allowing Richard and Jim Clooten to keep the Monster Mouse reserved to them!

    Neither Richard nor Jim Clooten were experienced ride operator’s of that park, neither Jim Clooten nor Richard worked at Oaks Park the previous season, these two men were trained on the premium rides when the season was closed mysteriously by who-knows and they were being treated by management and by Bill the foremen as seasoned operator’s when they were not!

    These were new operators that did not work in the park the season before hand, and here they are running the top end tier rides, the sit-down rides, and that these rides were being reserved for them, normal ride operators have to go by the first come first serve rule, but these new operators were getting the silver spoon treatment and getting high end rides and sit down rides reserved for them!

    I took note of these new employees being treated by management as senior operators when they are not, they did not even know all the rides in the park, it was as though management hired their henchmen and put them in key positions on the ride team and were completely ignoring the fact that these people are supposed to work their way into those positions by experience and by merit, not because of their connections with managers!

    None of them, Bill and Richard and Jim Clooten knew the safety policies of Oaks Park because they not long time experienced employees, and because of that when Bill and later Jim Clooten became lead ride foremen they never trained on Oaks Park safety policies!

    Because I am being punished for reporting the Monster Mouse is not balanced I had my own problems to deal with, the Ferris Wheel is a burn out ride and I was stuck on it seven days a week with no break from it, and I was forced to give Bill the ride foreman a two week notice and quit if he does not get anyone else trained on that ride!

    Two weeks later Bill did not train anyone on it so I quit, as I walked out of the park I was approached and asked by the at the time ride manager Mary Beth Coffey and she asked me not to quit and instead just take a couple days off, so I reluctantly agreed.

    After I came back to Oaks Park I discovered the manager fired Bill the ride foreman and hired a new lead foreman named Jim Clooten and the manager wanted me to be an assistant foreman to Jim, so I quit only to be rehired as a foreman.

    As an assistant foreman I do not have a ton of power/say at the park, I can give orders to ride operators and that’s about it, and since now I was a assistant ride foreman I took it upon myself to start filling out ride reports on all the rides that have problems with them!

    I filled out eleven ride reports on various rides that had problems that needed reported to the maintenance team, none of the rides was broke down, but they all had problems that needed reporting!

    I discovered the next day the maintenance supervisor named TC took my eleven ride reports and burned them, it was him that told me to my face he burned them, and he told me he did not need any help from me and to not ever fill out a ride report on a ride ever again unless the ride is broke down!

    So I was not welcome to report any problems with the rides unless they were broke down, in other words known problems that do not cause the rides to go down are no longer to be reported in writing!

    The maintenance team at the time was deemed the Golden Boys by managers at the time, managers and the maintenance team members would regularly hobnob with each other, and for the most part managers ignored their ride team, so I was under the impression no one in management would care I got treated badly by the maintenance team!

    I also need to point out that at the start of this season at Oaks Park after Mahar quit as a ride foremen our ride manager Mary Beth Coffey was hiring as her lead Foremen people she was giving cozy positions on the ride team, positions that gave her Hench men sit-down jobs, she arranged for Bill and Jim and Richard to have rides they could sit down on such as the train ride and the Monster Mouse ride, these rides were being RESERVED for Bill and Jim when they were ride operators, and it is these men she turns to to hire as lead Foremen in the park!

    After Jim Clooten was hired as a lead foremen Richard continued to hog the back breaks controls of the Monster Mouse, Richard was only working part time at Oaks Park until Jim Clooten was made a lead foremen, that’s when Richard showed up almost every day to hog the back breaks controls on the Monster Mouse ride!

    Neither Bill nor Jim knew all the rides they were NOT experienced ride operators, they were henchmen selected by Mary Beth Coffey to get cozy positions on the ride team until such time as Mary Beth needs them as lead Foremen s!

    Normally a lead Foremen is someone from the ride team that is experienced ride operator that knows all the rides and has years of experience, Bill and Jim and Richard were Mary Beth Coffey’s henchmen and they were getting the silver spoon treatment and getting cozy rides reserved for them and these rides were being held in reserve for these henchmen before they became lead Foremen!

    All other ride operators have to go by the first-come first-serve rule, but Bill and Jim, both who were selected to be lead Foremen by Mary Beth Coffey, had those sit-down rides reserved for them by management!

    Because of this open favoritism taking place in the park with people that were henchmen to management I was under the impression there is no one left in the park that cares what’s going on!

    I should not have to point this out to people, common sense alone will tell you this, to have an atmosphere at an amusement park where no one is welcome to report problems with rides is dangerous not only for customers but also for employees!

    At the beginning of the next season in 1992 near the beginning of the season one of the henchmen Mary Beth Coffey hired as a ride operator and was getting the sit down Monster Mouse ride reserved for him suddenly and without warning started to complain about unimportant things and just quit his job,it was Richard, he behaved as though something just came up and he faked a reason for quitting,and the very next morning I noticed the maintenance team had their wielder wielding a track section on the Monster Mouse, and no one in the park told me anything about the wielding, it was as though the maintenance team and Jim Clooten did not want me to know any wielding took place on the Monster Mouse, but I witnessed it anyway, and it took place the morning after managements henchmen Richard quit after he spent over a year hogging the back break controls on that ride. and after a few weeks later I discovered a track on the Monster Mouse ride was cracked all the way through and that the track was separating as the cars go over the track!

    It was the track section the maintenance team wielded right after Richard quit without warning that the maintenance team was wielding!

    I shut that ride down in the nick of time, saving dozens of kids lives and possibly a ride operators life and prevented a bloodbath from occurring, and I got on the radio and told my superior Jim Clooten the lead foreman the Monster Mouse is down for the remainder of the day and to please notify the ticket booth so that they don’t sell tickets for it!

    I am not allowed to say over the radio what the problem is I can only say the ride is down, or I can say the ride is down for the remainder of the day, saying the ride is down for the day is code warning managers/maintenance team that the ride is f##ked!

    I was following Oaks Park policies and procedures over shutting down that Monster Mouse, the fact that the track was completely cracked and separating is enough to prove maintenance incompetence, which is why I reported to the lead foreman first, and THEN I reported to the maintenance team!

    When the maintenance supervisor TC showed up he was with the CEO of the park Joe Norling, they both were approaching the Monster Mouse together, and as they got about forty feet away TC began berating me for shutting down the ride, he did this loudly so others can hear, and I noticed that the CEO was grinning while TC was berating me, so the CEO was of the same mindset as the maintenance supervisor!

    I was mad and angry at this treatment but said nothing and stayed professional and waited for the both of them to get onto the ride and to stand next to me, as they approached me and was standing right next to me TC said sarcastically “Alright,,,,,what’s wrong with it?” in a sarcastic manner, and I stated flatly and bluntly in return saying “The track is cracked,,,the tracks is separating as the cars go over it!”

    I was gauging both the maintenance supervisor and the CEO’s reaction to the news because they both are giving me reason to suspect foul play and sabotage, the CEO’s reaction was shock and horror on his face and his face turned immediately ashen, and he was staring at the maintenance supervisor as though he was seeing him for the first time as some kind of monster!

    The maintenance supervisor’s reaction was to go into immediate cover his behind mode,no shock, no horror, but fear on his face!
    The fact that the ride is in this condition is proof of maintenance incompetence, and TC knows this, so he immediately began giving his men the blame for it as a way to cover his own behind!

    In the process of TC giving his men the blame he dug his own grave by making it known he and his men already knew about the crack and that they slagged it with wielding slag!

    The wielding slag they used to hide the crack with was on the ground below where the crack is!
    Now I am deeming TC as well as his maintenance team as criminals and as dangerous!
    The maintenance team already knew about the crack and was hiding it with wielding slag and opened the ride up to the public and did not tell anyone on the ride team about the crack!

    Can you say SABOTAGE!

    I reported this to my superior Jim Clooten the lead foreman and he acted as though he was completely misunderstanding how serious this is, he seemed not bothered by it!
    I should point out again at this time Bill and Jim were hired as lead Foremen by Mary Beth Coffey, and neither Bill nor Jim knew all the rides and were not experienced ride operators and they were given cozy sit-down rides to operate that were being reserved for them before they were hired as lead Foremen!

    The CEO did not fire the maintenance team the team continued to work at the park the whole season!
    I was under the impression that the CEO was not involved in this sabotage at first but when the CEO did not fire the maintenance team and he made it known their not going to repair that track section and instead are going to spend fifty thousand dollars on a used Mad Mouse ride and use that for parts to REPLACE the SABOTAGED section of the Monster Mouse with, I then suspected managers were behind this sabotage as well!

    One week after I shut down the Monster Mouse saving dozens of children’s lives I was being gang-stalked by around a dozen people I did not know, the park was closed and I was clocked out and heading to my car to go home!
    Several people I do not know walked along with me heading in my direction and they were openly verbally praising me for shutting down the Monster Mouse and praised me for saving lives!
    What’s makes this bad is the fact these seemingly organized people were praising me in a sarcastic manner!

    Is that enough to suspect the City of Portland wanted the disaster to occur so that the city can justify shutting down the park so that the city can use the property for other MORE PROFITABLE PURPOSES?!

    It was enough for me to know a ton of people were involved in this sabotage and that their not happy I know about it and don’t like the fact I saved a lot of lives!

    The Monster Mouse ride was down the entire season, the Mad Mouse Oaks Park purchased never arrived until after the season was closed and no one around to witness the Mad Mouse rides arrival into the park!
    Oaks Park maintenance team that sabotaged the Monster Mouse quietly replaced the sabotaged section on the track with a Mad Mouse track section!

    After the SABOTAGED section of the Monster Mouse ride was replaced management pretended they hired a new maintenance supervisor and claimed they fired the old maintenance team, they did not fire them but they lied to me telling me they fired them, they were actually laid off and they came back the next season!

    After management pretended to hire a new maintenance supervisor the new supervisor as well as management wanted me to help them in this so-called crisis of no experienced maintenance people and they wanted me to transfer over to the maintenance team claiming I am the only one the CEO trusts!

    I knew THAT was a lie I already know he was grinning while the maintenance supervisor was berating me for shutting down the Monster Mouse, and I never got an apology from ANYONE in that park for being berated for shutting down a death trap and saving lives and following policies and procedures!

    While the season was over with I helped out with maintenance until the next season, and when I was temporarily on the maintenance team the park managers asked Mr. Bollinger’s right-hand man Mr Walker if he could lecture the new maintenance personnel on balancing on the Monster Mouse!

    Mr Walker was so old and frail that it was absurd for the park managers to ask this great man to do this, he was just too old and frail, but managers wanted him to navigate around inside the Monster Mouse and to lecture the men on balancing of the Monster Mouse!

    It was too much for the man, he could not navigate the ride, lecture the men, and BREATH PROPERLY at the same time!
    I feared Mr Walker was going to collapse and I positioned myself behind Mr Walker fearing he may fall and feared their was no one on the other side of him to catch him if he does, so I positioned myself to stand behind Mr Walker.

    Mr Walker did trip, he fell backwards as he lectured the men, and I lunged forward and caught Mr Walker in time and saved his life, if I was not there to save him he would have hit the back of his head on a beam near the ground level.

    SEVERAL EMPLOYEES WITNESSED ME SAVING MR WALKER’S LIFE! And of course Oaks Park managers are mums the word about this or about the sabotage by their previous maintenance team!

    At least Mr Walkers family appreciated me saving Mr Walkers life they thanked me for saving him.

    I was re-transferred back over to the ride team at the start of the new season in 1993!

    Once the park was opened I discover that the old maintenance team was not fired at all because they were hired back into the park, that means I was lied to by management and that they lied about needing my help on maintenance!

    From this point forward I was getting auto-blamed for everything that happened in that park, if the maintenance messed up the train ride I would immediately get blamed, behind my back, and management was going along with this pretense as well as the maintenance team!

    Oaks Park managers had no intention of firing or prosecuting their sabotaging maintenance team, they wanted instead to set up and blame everything on the witness to the sabotage, me!

    The Squirrel Cage ride was sabotaged and I was almost killed by it, one of the cars just came right off the ride and slammed into the railing three feet from my controls, and the ride was still turning and the other cars on the Squirrel Cage were smacking into the car that came off and was rolling that car into my direction!

    I turned off the power to the ride and frantically yelled at the customers on the ride to keep their arms and hands and legs inside the ride, each car that passed the car that came off was smacking right into the car that came off and I had to frantically muscle that car away from the other cars, my own life is at risk!

    I reported this to Norma the skating rink manager, and she just carried herself as though nothings wrong, literally everyone in authority in that park just looks the other way on these blatant sabotage’s taking place in that park!

    The next day I told the maintenance team what happened and I was met by them all grinning at me, they all thought it was funny!

    The next week the maintenance team designed an additional safe guard to the ride, by adding another bolt system to the ride, so that there are now two bolts instead of just one large bolt holding the cars on the ride!

    The maintenance team named this new bolt system the “Terry-Bolt” and they grinned and admitted they named it after me!
    They named it after me because their setting me up to get the blame for THEIR SABOTAGE!

    I got fed up with this auto-blaming me for everything in that park so I quit being a ride foreman and went back to being a ride operator at the start of 1994 but the blaming continued!

    I was running the Monster Mouse on my last day in that park, and on that day the Ferris Wheel operator had an accident, the loading ramp got torn apart because the Ferris Wheel operator screwed up, and I got blamed FOR THAT even though I was on and running the Monster Mouse at the time!

    So saboteurs at Oaks Park are protected by management while Hero’s and witnesses to sabotage are gotten rid of!

    I have been a target of police/sheriff sting operations ever since I reported the Monster Mouse was not balanced and I shut down that Monster Mouse ride, and I was under the impression the new maintenance supervisor the park hired was a county sheriff sting operative bent on setting me up to get the blame!

    I don’t think they realize just how many people I already reported to in regards to the Monster Mouse not being balanced, in other words there are too many people that know they never removed the boards on the posts and there are too many people I told that the ride was out of balance!

    The Monster Mouse was so badly out of balance you did not even need a level to see if it was out of balance, just looking at the ride was enough to tell, THAT’S HOW BADLY OUT OF BALANCE THE RIDE WAS!

    Dozens of posts would have severe give to them, when a car would go over that section of track you can visibly see the posts give to the weight of the cars and the posts as well as the track would have like a two to five inch give to them as the cars went over those areas on the ride!


    Terry Wagar

    The Maintenance team and the henchmen hired by managers to take the key positions on the ride team such as the lead ride foremen position and the ride operators assigned by managers to have the back breaks on the Monster Mouse ride took over two years to sabotage the Monster Mouse ride, and to cultivate and develop the crack on the Monster Mouse track, and to hide and conceal the crack from the normal ride operators and from the assistant ride foreman’s!!

    They spent over two years in this organized effort to sabotage the Monster Mouse, and it only took me 60 seconds to find the crack and to shut down that death trap!

    Like I said I was trained by people that know what their doing way back in 1983 by knowledgeable people that cared about people’s safety!

    Richard was a college man and Jim Clooten was a experienced wielder, neither of them needed to work at Oaks Park for minimum wage, they were the henchmen hired by the city of Portland to maintain control of the Monster Mouse after the maintenance team sabotaged the ride by not balancing the ride so that they can keep normal experienced ride operator’s and assistant foreman’s off that ride so that the sabotage won’t be discovered!

    From the time the maintenance team sabotaged the Monster Mouse both Jim Clooten and Richard were hogging the Monster Mouse ride to develop and cultivate the cracks/damages on the ride over time and to keep experienced people off that ride to hide the sabotage!

    Once they developed a full-blown all the way through crack on a track section that’s when the hench man Richard suddenly quit without warning, and it was the very next morning the maintenance team slagged the crack on the Monster Mouse with wielding slag to hide it, and that’s when the ride became under the control of normal operator’s that know nothing about the crack, and the maintenance team and management just sat back and waited for the big disaster to take place!

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    I can look myself in the mirror with tears streaming down my face and say out loud “I gave my whole heart without condition.” What I thought would be a forever love and then evolved into what I thought would be my forever family. Everything that little girls with a broken past dream of. I had determination in my soul to provide my children a loving home and two parents that would show them unconditional love for their entire life. When he asked me to marry him just 2 months after we met I was flattered. To think that someone could be so sure of who I was in such a short amount of time was such validation. He wanted to celebrate our one year anniversary of meeting by confessing our love to each other through marriage on that very same day. I felt loved and for me that was enough. I would have done anything for him and I believe with all of my heart that I did just that, not with perfection but with purpose and sincerity.

    I can remember that night like it was yesterday, a day that haunts me as the beginning of what would only continue for years to come for as long as I allowed it. It was Halloween of 2004. My oldest son from a previous relationship was only 7 years old and our first born child as a married couple was 3 months old. It was a night that I prayed my entire life I would never encounter as a wife or a mother. The life that I lived as a child became the life that I lived as an adult. A man that I thought loved me, used his hands out of anger and put scars on my heart that still remain.

    I became blinded by his desire to come in and out of our lives over the next 10 years. Through lies, verbal , physical and emotional abuse, restraining orders, divorce, ongoing court battles for child support and parenting time and abandoning our children yet I still prayed with all of my heart that I could change him. If only I could help him move beyond the scars of his own childhood of being abandoned by him Mom and help him realize that those scars were holding him hostage from being the man that was behind the mask.

    I look back over the last 15 years of my life and while so much of it has been painful, it has humbled me as a mother and as an individual. My heart aches for my children and a father that they may never know. A man that I don’t even know anymore. I blame myself for so much that I could have shielded them from if I simply didn’t let him come and go. Their memories are filled with yelling and fighting, police and a shattered home. Having to explain the story of their family dynamics in school and hear that they simple say “I don’t have a Dad.” leaves me feeling for a moment like maybe I failed them. I rise above and know that I did exactly the opposite. I have given them the understanding that we can’t control the way that others treat us and we can’t control the choices that they make however we can control the way that we choose to respond to them. I share with them that my hope is that they choose wisely. Knowing how they feel about their childhood I want them to choose how they would respond. Will they abandon, abuse or love with condition? Will they choose to become better because of their childhood or bitter as a result of what they feel was taken from them?

    As a parent we do the best that we can. We hope and pray that when our children grow up they will realize that. I have no regrets. I sleep well at night knowing that while my dreams as a little girl may have come true, my dreams as a mother have taken priority. I can provide my children with a loving home and a Mom that loves them with all that I have. It may not be the picture perfect family to them right now, but I know that breaking the cycle and choosing them first will give them an opportunity to create memories in their childhood that won’t haunt their adulthood. Children can survive dirvorce, they can’t survive a war between parents. Sometimes in life it is ok to step aside and accept what isn’t and embrace what is. I will embrace the busy days of shuffling 5 kids to different places, birthday parties, school functions and sporting events and my kids will remember that I was present with my heart and soul and nothing in the world is more important than them.

    Take a leap of faith and know that there is hope on the other side. The road may be long, but it is more than worth it. The day that you wake up and realize that you are enough and you deserve to be loved, honored and respected is the day that your life will change. It will be the day that you take back your joy and focus on what truly matters!

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