Sorry, but I don’t feel guilty!

What a crazy, busy week!  But all for good things!  My kids and I started our healthy life this week.  This stuff takes lots of effort!

This past weekend, I stumbled across the Super Healthy Kids website and signed up.  A few tweaks and lots of grocery shopping later, we were prepared to jump in.  I have been pleasantly surprised that the meals this week have gotten a constant stamp of approval from my kids!  Woot!  So, if you are trying to figure out how to get kids to eat healthy but struggle with regular meals to put together for them, you have to check the site out!  (April-23-29-Meal-Plan)

What has also been a plus about it is that my kids have all wanted to pitch in and help make the meals.  I put everything together in a binder that I leave on the kitchen counter.  The kids check the binder before they eat anything to see what they should be eating for that time of day.  The majority of the time, when I am in chopping things up to cook, at least one kid wanders in and begins helping with other pieces of what is being made.  This morning, I was making apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast and my son wandered in saying “can I help make something?”.  So he knocked out making the english muffin pizzas that would be packed in lunches.  It’s been really nice to cook with them AND to hear they like all the food!

We also have been at the gym every single day.  We picked up a membership for Life Time Fitness up in Mason.  What a fabulous gym!  I am very happy with the choice we made!  The older kids have made it to the gym on the days they are available.  Kylie and I have become a team.  I really am beginning to cherish the moments with her – doing the bikes or the treadmill together or whatever we choose for the day.  We met with a personal trainer yesterday so that we can work on developing a plan we can both do together – her with her needs and mine with my limitations.

With all of this new stuff going on, my free time has been limited, but the family time together has been really awesome!  My day starts with cooking 6am-7am while getting my daughter ready to head off to school.  Then I get ready and head to work.  After work, I come home to cook dinner, eat dinner, then pack up for the gym.  We usually are at the gym 7:30pm-9pm.  Then, we make it home in time to do last minute things and head to bed to start over again.

Knowing all of this, while driving to work today, this blog was on my mind.  “Working Moms Against Guilt”  How can I possibly feel guilty when I am getting to do such great things with my kids while teaching them a healthy way of living?  I don’t!  Not for one second!  During the day, they are doing their thing (school/work) and I am doing mine (work) – but we start the day off together and finish it together as well.  Everyone is healthy, happy and pitching in to work together.  Don’t get me wrong – I can completely understand how a mom struggles with guilt, but I am making the choice to live a balanced life that benefits everyone  so there is nothing for me to feel guilty about right now.  Woot!  Loving it!

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