Spreading the Love

Sue’s not the only one out there all over the Internet–check me out: I got quoted in article! I don’t get quoted often, (I usually do the quoting) so I’m all excited ‘n stuff.

Head over to babycenter and check out the article “Top 7 mommy guilt trips and how to handle them,” by Evonne Lack. I’m quoted in the section about leaving your child with a caregiver (something I was just lamenting to Sue about this very AM). (Bonus: Our fellow mommy-guilt haters Devra and Aviva were also quoted.)

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Love

  1. That’s so cool Tela. Congrats.

  2. Devra and Aviva says:

    You give good quote lady! Way to go! and thank you for the shout out to us too!

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