Stuck at Home

Hurricanes don’t happen in Ohio, right? Well, yesterday, good ol’ Ike decided to buck time-honored weather tradition and whip his way through the Midwest–including a windy stop in Cincinnati.

Pictured at right is one example of the damage: our neighbor’s tree fell on the power lines, blocking our half of this no-outlet street. See that police line? It’s tied to our lamppost.

We’ve been waiting since yesterday afternoon for Duke Energy to come and fix the power line, but I guess they have more important things to do. So, we wait, stuck at home, comforted by the fact that we still have power.

Another WMAG, Kristen, who lives on our street, stopped by to commiserate this morning. She can’t get to the office either, so she’ll be working from home. Her 2-year-old is in her dad’s charge today, though, so Kristen might actually be productive today!

Jay and I are both working from home, and Barney the dinosaur has kindly volunteered to “babysit” when we need to be working on our computers at the same time. But I have a feeling that’s only going to last for so long. I may have to brainstorm article topics while having a tea party with our daughter and Mr. Bear.

This should be interesting!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    at least you have power. i had to come to work today just to blowdry my hair. and have to leave soon to bring lunch to my toddler (daycare has no power – it’s BYOB).

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