Subscription Boxes Bandwagon – Jump On!

Looking to spice things up this summer? Check out these 14 subscription boxes full of food, fashion, fun and discovery for you and your kids.

As school is coming to a close, you are probably starting to wonder exactly what you are going to do with your children all summer. It is, therefore, time for you to jump on the subscription box craze bandwagon.

With so many from which to choose, how will you pick? Well, allow me to help you there. Below are reviews of 14 boxes provided to me for review. They are all great in different ways, each of which I detail below.

Oh, and because it is not always all about the children, there are some things in here for you, too:



Want to upgrade your wardrobe but do not have time to focus on it?  Let someone else do it for you.  The only time you will spend is up front to take the style quiz, trying on the awesome pieces they send you based on your likes and dislikes, and the response to your “fix.”  All online, all through the mail.  A. Mazing.



Kiwi Crate

Great presentation and fun, educational activities. Each month is designed with a certain theme in mind and the box comes filled with all of the materials and inspiration you need. For ages 3-7, you will probably find that you will need to help the younger side of the range, but the older aged children will be able to do much of the project with just minor support.



Together Box

The presentation is not as fancy as some others, but who needs fancy when you have content? This box is great – it was filled with the sorts of activities I see in magazines, but never manage to have all of the supplies for at the same time. Blow through straws to get ping pong balls into cups? Yes, please! That activity alone was a good 30 minutes of fun for my children. Seems so simple, but, since tossing the supplies, I have not managed to get them again for more fun…and the children have asked.



Nerd Block Jr

Age and gender appropriate toys each month. Great for keeping on hand as “rewards” throughout the month without having to wander the toy aisles. They have a good handle on what’s “hot” in the world of children, and they wrap it up and deliver it to you. Time saver!



Little Passports

Love this one. What a great way to introduce children to the world outside of their immediate experience. Our first box came with a passport, to be used in future months for stamps as we explore new nations. I am probably going to have to subscribe to this one because my older son will not stop asking when the next box is coming.



Adventure Trunk

For ages 2-4. They send out twelve teacher-approved activities each month, four in each area of math, reading, and art. The kids were learning while having fun and that was just perfect.



Silly Rhino

For ages 0-4, but you can narrow down the age range to tailor it to your house. They send only the safest, environmentally conscious products, each of really high quality. My kids liked opening the box and loved what came in it.




Love. This. You can choose from different types of boxes based on what you need at the moment or what you like the best. This box was like getting my mom, my husband, and my best friend together to surprise me with a box of my favorite goodies, except, of course, that I did not yet know some of the items were my favorites. Awesome.



Fancy Box

Fun box to receive. Another place where you can choose the type of box you get and it comes with a pretty wide variety of items. From a t-shirt to nail art, and from stickers to a headphone splitter, it was fun to see what was inside.




Fantastic athletic wear. You can mix and match so you get what you want and what you need to outfit your workout. Really high quality items for much less than major retailers. Love this one.




Three new pairs of underwear each month. Who doesn’t need new panties? They were cute and of good quality. Plus, it was sort of fun to get panties by mail.



Love With Food

Fantastic box of yummy surprises, complete with an explanation of what everything is. This one is also under current consideration for subscription in our house.



The Tasting Room

Great concept for oenophiles – you receive tasting bottles, submit your review, and then receive new bottles the next month to continue to refine your tastes. A lot of fun for an in-home date night, too.




Provides about three items, all handmade. Mine included a delicious brownie, a yummy-smelling soap, and a really fantastic little plate. Receiving this box felt a little like giving back since I knew it was supporting artisans. Plus, the items were gorgeous.

You cannot lose with any of the above.

What are your favorite subscription boxes — for you, the kids or as gifts?

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  1. Lauren, thanks for taking one for the team and reviewing all these boxes. 🙂 I love the concept of The Tasting Room! Got to try some of these.

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