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Before I had children, I loved shopping for clothes. After I had children, I had no time to shop by myself and shopping with my children was a nightmare. My work wardrobe slowly deteriorated into a collection of ill-fitting, dated, and/or stained clothes. On the advice of a friend, I finally tried one of the many subscription clothing services and I highly recommend them for any working mom who needs some new threads for work or play.

In a few minutes I set up my profile with my measurements, style preferences, clothing needs (work, weekend, date night, formal, etc.), as well as guidance on how much I wanted to spend for a shirt or pair of pants. A stylist selected a box of clothes for me and I kept what I liked and returned the rest. I opted for a monthly subscription that I kept for about a year to rebuild my work wardrobe. but most services have other options for one-time or quarterly orders.

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