Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I didn’t need a national survey to tell me what working women (especially moms) need: More money and more time. Duh. Don’t we all? There’s never enough of either, and we’re too damn tired to figure out how to invent a time-maker or plant a money tree. (But we totally could, if we had the time and money.)

I was slightly curious about one factoid from the new 2008 Working America Ask a Working Woman survey:

If working women had more available time, they are most likely to say they would work another job, ahead of spending more time with friends and family, exercise, taking a class and getting more sleep.

Really? I guess I’m in a better financial place than a lot of people, because a second job is the last thing I would do with extra time. I would definitely spend more hours with friends and family–and maybe squeeze in a little nap. Take a class? What the …?

I, too, find it sad that eight in 10 respondents said having children hurts their career and job prospects. It’s probably true in many cases (though I don’t think it’s been for me), which is both ridiculous and wrong.


3 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

  1. Yeah, that’s a pretty no-duh study. And right now, it’s pretty evident that everybody needs more money, because the price of everything is going up… except paychecks.

    I can see people wanting the extra time for another job just to stay a float during these tough times. For parents who were already struggling to provide for their families, the price of gas, groceries, and more is hitting them pretty hard.

    It’s hitting my family pretty hard–but, at least we can cut out other costs to get by. For others, they don’t have that option.

  2. J's Lawyer says:

    Warning- unpopular opinion sure to follow:

    That is a bunch of bunk. Bunk. I would do without before I would give up even more of my time with my son. I have altered my spending, and have gone from a 5 day to a 4 day workweek, and I make it work without any support from anyone (well, my mom does alot for me- lunches, little things for my son, dinner for me sometimes, all of which I am eternally grateful for/of).

    I know women that choose to give up more time with their child/ren for reasons I cannot fathom. Good? Bad? Not making that judgment call other than to say- it isn’t my life, my child, nor my way.

    I am in a profession that calls upon us all (men and women alike) to work, work, work, and then take some work home. Half day Saturdays are not unusual. I choose to make a different life for me and my son. He is first, my job is second. I don’t work after typical hours, and I don’t work weekends. A second job would be out of the question. And, to those that don’t understand, I am not the professional for you. When it is truly an emergency, I drop all else..otherwise, it IS about choices.

    I choose those ideals that reflect my values- my son, our family life, and a heck of alot less by way of material things than I would otherwise desire.

    So, while I do think the study is bunk, I also think there are plenty of people that subscribe to the theory that they “have” to live their lives a certain way. I hear all the time- from people I know and love, “I have to work”, “I need ‘me’ time”, I have to have…”, etc.

    To me, and this is MY opinion, when I can look at my self in the mirror, and say, “this is the best I can do” without flinching, I know I am living MY life the way I should. Popular opinion be damned.

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