Taking the Gratitude Challenge

As a so-called “mommy blogger,” I get asked by various companies and marketers to do all kinds of things on this blog, from product reviews to news announcements to giveaways and more.

But when I was asked by Tiny Prints, an online card and stationery company, to participate in a “Gratitude Challenge,” I was truly intrigued. They weren’t asking me to pimp their products. They wanted me to express my gratitude via this blog. And to help me do it, they sent me a lovely package of daily gratitude-related prompts and tools (including some of their products, such as thank-you cards).

So for the next couple of weeks (I’m starting a bit late, as I am wont to do), I’ll be writing some posts about being thankful. I don’t know about you, but I know I have a hell of a lot to be grateful for, and I don’t spend nearly enough time or energy thinking about or expressing that gratitude. I believe gratitude is good for you. It keeps you optimistic, it reminds you about what’s right with the world and your life, it lifts you up when the Man’s pushing you down.

And gratitude, when expressed, lifts up those around you, reassuring them that they are making a difference and being recognized for it. Quite frankly, gratitude could almost be its own religion, when combined with the concept and expression of love. That’s kind of how I view Unitarian Universalism, which is why I’ve joined a local UU church and adopted this faith as my spiritual affiliation.

I hope this Gratitude Challenge gets me into a daily habit of reflecting on all the many things I have to be grateful for, as well as expressing that gratitude as frequently as possible. I would like to be the kind of person who is always counting her blessings, starting today.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Gratitude Challenge

  1. Kim Moldofsky says:

    I'm doing it, too! Glad to see you're joining in.

  2. Anna Fieler says:

    Welcome to the Gratitude Challenge! I've been doing it for 10 days and have found it to be such a great exercise. Amongst other things, the Challenge has helped me deal with Mommy guilt and seeing the silver lining of balancing career and motherhood, which I blogged about on Day 4. Your blog really resonates with me, and I look forward to following your journey. Have fun!

  3. Carley Knobloch says:

    This is such a great idea. I really believe that the key to forward movement in your life (getting what you want) is to first be grateful for what you have. So hard for people to really implement (myself included!) when we have goals and dreams for more! Such a great exercise… I'm joining in!

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