Tasty Tuesday

Late-breaking Tasty Tuesday post!

Did you know that today is National Brownie Day? Now, that’s a “day” I can get behind, especially since Cheryl & Co. invited me, Sue, and some other regional bloggers to come check out their offices and factory in Columbus, Ohio. Normally I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of such an offer during the work week, but I had (and still have!) PTO time to burn so I used it to head up with AmyinOHio and our respective kiddos to check out the action. (Cheryl & Co. even provided childcare–seriously aces!)

I’m so glad I did. The company is incredible. So many amazing, nice people who took the time to teach us so much stuff about baking–and right before the holiday season. I had never even heard of Cheryl & Co. before today, and now they have a lifelong fan.

I’ll talk more about our time at Cheryl & Co. in another post (and I’m sure Sue will want to share her thoughts), but I wanted to tell you about this sweet deal (pun intended) they have going for National Brownie Day.

Today only, you can get 30% off select items (the President’s Picks), as well as 30% off all brownies (you know, for National Brownie Day), plus you get free shipping with code HOL2009.

Check them out–you won’t regret it. They aren’t home of the buttercream frosted cookie and brownie for nothing. It’s good stuff.

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