Tasty Tuesday Giveaway–Free Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn!

Get two free bags of Orville Redenbacher’s Tender White and two free bags of Orville’s SmartPop! for you healthy types (it’s 94% fat-free and 100% whole grain). Plus coupons and a sweet popcorn bowl, similar to the ones you always see in commercials—those bowls the whole family shares from while watching TV.


Leave a comment below about your favorite snack—healthy or completely NOT. Doesn’t matter to me. We have four popcorn prize packages to give away.

Feel free to leave your comments until Friday, July 11, at midnight. I’ll pick some winners over the weekend and post who won on Monday. If you don’t have a blogger profile, make sure to leave your address in the comments (a good way to avoid spambots is to write your address like tela [at] gmail [dot] com or something similar), or just email us at workingmomsagainstguilt@gmail.com. Happy snacking!

The Winnahs!

Lois Lane

I’ll be in touch soon to get your home addresses. Or, if you see that you are a winner here and I haven’t contacted you yet, feel free to email workingmomsagainstguilt@gmail.com with your home address so I can get the prizes shipped.

Thanks to everyone for commenting! I have some new snacks to try–except those peanut butters ones. While they sound delicious–we don’t keep PB around due to O’s allergy. Wah-wah.

14 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday Giveaway–Free Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn!

  1. hey Tela- oooh, you are speaking my language. I love popcorn (especially around 3pm when I have work munchies)!

  2. abrightfuture says:

    I’ll admit it — I’m a bit of a popcorn snob. I only eat it cooked on the stove, old school style. Heavy pot. Canola oil. Kernels. With a sprinkle of sea salt. I would (and have, I believe) eaten that for many a meal.

    I *might* be willing to try this other stuff you rave about, Tela.

  3. I like something called chocolate haystacks. It’s a sleeve of regular fiber one cereal, a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and 2 tbsps of peanut butter. You melt the pb and ccs in the microwave and then quickly mix in the ceral. Drop it by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet (yield 24) and then remove to a big baggie when set. Leave them in the fridge. They are only 1 point a piece on weight watchers and my husband LOVES them.

  4. Amy in Ohio says:

    Tough choice, changes day to day.

    M&Ms for the sweet, Synder’s Old Tyme Pretzels for the salty.

    Cause I’m sweet and salty, with a touch of pain in the ass.

  5. shelli–good luck! With the amount of comments right now–I say you have a very good chance of winning! 🙂

    abright–That’s how my Dad would cook it. You know, you are right, it can’t be beat. But then, my Dad almost burnt our house down when he left the oil on the burner. That kinda scared me off of that method…

    Katie–those sound really good! Sue might like that recipe…

    Amy… how could I know you this long, and NOT know your love of Old Tyme pretzels? Those are my absolute favs!

  6. Stella Blue says:

    abrightfuture – I totally agree, that is the only way to enjoy popcorn. But, I am also lazy, and willing to try such highly recommended popcorn!

    My fave snack food is Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn nachos. Because they’re organic, I feel like I can eat the whole bag at once. Yeah, I don’t know why that seems reasonable either, but they sure are delicious!

  7. Michele P. says:

    my fave snack… well, right now it is Utz Cheese Popcorn. Last week it was Andy Capp’s Hot Fries-I just never know what I will crave next! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. jennilea6 says:

    Alright. Count me in! Here are two (fo’ the price o’ one):

    For the Sinful Moment of the Day:
    I indulge in mixing two things together at the same time. At some point during the work day, I will raid the candy stash for a small miniature Kit Kat bar and eat it with Almond Nut Clusters from TRUE NORTH. What a way to ruin my health(ier) all-natural nut snack with some tasty chocolate! Something about the the added crunch of the nuts makes the Kit Kat super yummy. Yeah, I actually wrote Hersheys and suggested a new Limitied Edition Kit Kat with nuts.

    And though it’s not a snack per se, I find that a small can of V8 juice goes a long way in satisfying me inbetween meals for only 70-ish calories (was an aquired taste, I’ll admit).

  9. Lois Lane says:

    Popcorn is my favorite snack. And, I am ever always on the search for the mystery bowl like they show on TV. I can never seem to find just the right one, so this would be great! I hope I win!

    mommyandmaddy1 at yahoo dot com


  10. those mini rice cakes are my favorite snack. caramel drizzle, yum-o!

    cpamomva at hotmail dot com

  11. Ooh, I LOVE the True North clusters! I divy them up in little snack size bags and bring them to work. They’re the perfect sweet/salty combo.

    My most bizarre but yummy before bed snack is a bowl of cereal (bran flakes usually) with milk and PB! I nuke the milk and PB, stir it up and then add the cereal. YUM!

  12. jennilea6 says:

    erin …. in response to your late night snack, I am here to pass on to you the prized peanut butter baton:

    Try spreading peanut butter on your pancakes while still warm! With a tall glass of milk, and melty peanut butter, it’s delicious!!! A side of bacon and it’s heaven.

    Oh, breakfast for dinner at my house, anyone?! YUM YUM!

  13. Mmmm popcorn! Combined with chocolate is a tasty snack.

  14. I love taking popcorn and dumping a bag of m&ms in it. The salty popcorn with the chocolate of the m&Ms is tasty.

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