Tasty Tuesday – January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you ended 2007 in style and are making plans for a happy and successful 2008.

Our holiday consisted of a lot of travel and a lot of eating. Of course, a staple of that holiday diet was cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Now, I personally do not make Christmas cookies–I barely bake at all, truth be told. But I do have one recipe that I whip out when the occasion calls for something sweet. It’s probably the simplest recipe there is, because it really only calls for three ingredients: butter, sugar and flour. I am talking, of course, about shortbread. I love it because it’s delicious, because it’s easy, and because it’s versatile – you can dress it up with nuts, chocolate, raspberry preserves–really anything that strikes your fancy. I also love it because it reminds me of the trip that my husband and I took to Scotland before our daughter was born.

Here is a simple shortbread recipe from Allrecipes.com that you can try at home with the kids.

Scottish Shortbread

Make a batch, then make a pot of tea, and have a New Year’s tea party. What fun!

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