Tasty Tuesday – July 15, 2008

So last week I wrote about how more moms are relying on caffeinated beverages to get through their day. We had a chuckle at a quote from Sarah Kripal of Lincoln, Nebraska, who said she needs “about four energy drinks, three cups of coffee and a six-pack of soda every day.” Wow! That’s a lot of caffeine! (I think she must have been exaggerating.) The article quoted doctors as saying that consuming large amounts of caffeine might give you the shakes and keep you from getting a decent night’s sleep, but there are habits worse for your health, such as smoking.

But then, a couple of days later, I found this story online. Apparently poison control in Boston has seen a huge spike in reports of teens with caffeine poisoning. Seems kids are already loading up on energy drinks, coffee and soda. But on top of that, it’s being added to gum, mints, candy bars and even lip balm.

Ew! Now I’m not going on an anti-caffeine crusade here. I like a shot in the arm from Dr. Pepper every other day or so, and Starbucks mochas are my treat of choice. But come on! Why do kids feel like they need so much extra energy? And why is caffeine so en vogue as a food additive? Is it a legal high? Are kids that overextended and worn out? I never drank coffee or Red Bull when I was in high school (I don’t think Red Bull even existed then) and I was an honors student who did a crapload of activities and pulled frequent late-nighters to keep up my GPA. I remember being tired, but not desperate for caffeinated gum.

So what gives? I’m willing to give harried moms a pass, but I’m confuzzled about the kids. Moms of teens, I’d love to know what you’re seeing, and what you’re telling your kids about caffeine consumption.

11 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – July 15, 2008

  1. just4ofus says:

    I think it’s “cool” to drink the energy drinks now a days. Remember, when we were in high school it was the “white cross” pills you could buy at the gas stations to keep you up. I believe they were high doses of caffeine also. Not only are all of these things loaded with caffeine, but with calories also, making kids and teens jittery and fat.

  2. My husband is obsessed with the low carb monster energy drink. He just likes the taste of them. He started drinking them while pulling long convoys in Iraq. my experience is that this is more of a male child/male young adult issue than female. I never see my female friends sporting a redbull at work. They happily sip their coffee and diet cokes :o)

  3. I remember loading up on Mountain Dew in college when I needed an extra pick me up, I didn’t really drink coffee back then.

    I’ve never even tried Red Bull.

  4. I don’t have a teenager (yet–thank God!) but I do remember being one. I never got enough sleep, kinda like now. Teens are supposed to get 8.5-9.5 hours a day. How many teens do you know who do that? Or adults, for that matter.

  5. So my point about the sleep was, they drink caffeine to stay awake in school, participate in their extracurriculars, and do all the overachiever crap we expect of kids today.

  6. Not only is it “cool,” but kids are seriously sleep deprived! When children hit the teen years, their sleep needs hit a spike, similar to infants and toddlers. All that growing takes a toll. Teens need 9-12 hours of sleep per night and most get far less than that. Parents need to enforce bed times and encourage good sleep habits.

  7. Well, maybe not 12 hours, according to Susan’s link… though I really did need that much as a teen.

    And, Katie, you don’t see women drinking energy drinks? I do all the time, and I have at least one a day myself!

  8. Did you hear about the new “extreme relaxation” drink? It’s called Drank. Go to http://www.Drankbeverage.com. So now people get high on Red Bull and then calm down on Drank. Pathetic!

    I remember going to bed at 9 pm as a teenager during the school year. I was always so tired! It wasn’t until college that I started drinking coffee.

    I do agree those drinks are a “cool” thing. I saw these two girls that had to be only 13 walking around with Starbucks in their hands the other day. It could have been hot chocolate, but probably not.

  9. I don’t hang around a lot of teenages, as my daughter is just 3 but I have seen my share of little ones at playgrounds with a can of Vault or Coke. Gimme a break! I have also seen 5-8 yr olds at the coffee bar at a family wedding. As a working mom I am a total coffee addict but I didn’t start ‘using’ until college all-nighters.

  10. In the intense, energy-filled life many of us lead, we often can find it difficult to stop and take a breather – even though taking a few moments to relax should be on everyone’s agenda – especially considering the hectic nine-to-five lifestyle.

    Tantamount to this predicament that many find themselves in, is the lauded energy beverage; something that gives you an extra kick in the pants to keep you going for the rest of the day. As busy as people can get, many forget to take a few moments to themselves and end up finding that they are fidgety, restless and stressed out through another long workday.

    This commonplace and routine ethic dictates the lives of many, paving the way for a brand new relaxation beverage that offers them an escape from their stresses, a way to shoo off the pressures of their day and essentially offers them a vacation in a bottle. This innovative new product is called ViB™ (Vacation in a Bottle®) and it is quickly taking force as the company nears the product launch at 7-Elevens, which is set to take place on Monday, August 25th, 2008.

    ViB is an all-natural, guilt-free, anti-energy relaxation beverage that helps to calm the body and the nerves, and naturally relieve mental and physical stress. The makers of this product have achieved this by combining an array of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants blended together with all natural flavors—live pomegranate and berries—to make a can of pure relaxation bliss. It’s not something that will make you fall asleep at work. Rather, it will relieve tension and stress in your body, and the fact that it has low carbs and low calories, essentially means that you can drink it like water and not feel guilty afterwards.

    You can contact ViB at http://www.drinkvib.com to order a case.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There is too much hype out there with what products claim to do, and what they ACTUALLY do.

    I am under a great deal of stress lately. (Who isn’t?)
    My friend turned me on to this powdered stress beverage mix called ‘Koppla’…this stuff actually works!Within 10-15 minutes after having a warm cup I was truly feeling less tension and anxiety, plus, it seems to help with brain function, like focus.
    …and it tastes good…that was a pleasant surprise.

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